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Homeschool Resources

If you are new to homeschooling, welcome! This is my one stop shop for linking all our curriculum ideas and homeschool resources for preschool and early elementary. We have personally used everything listed at one point or another.

We have used different curriculums for different subjects over the years, so I’ve tried to organize things by both subject and by grade level.

If you are brand new to homeschooling, I recommend beginning with my posts How to start homeschooling for the beginner as well as my list of Pros and Cons of Homeschooling.

If you are leaving any kind of traditional school setting to homeschool, here’s everything you need to know about deschooling before you jump into homeschooling.

We currently have a second grader, third grader, kindergartener, and 1 year old so I will continue to add and update this homeschool resource page as the kids grow!

Homeschool printables

My Etsy shop with print outs

Homeschool supplies

Homeschool supplies list: What you need and what you don’t

Epson Ecotank Printer (this is our exact one). Here is my detailed review of it.

Review of my homeschool ProClick binding machine

Homeschool organization

1st grade homeschool schedule

2nd grade homeschool schedule

How to set up a homeschool binder for each child for weekly work

How we organize our nature study printables

Reverse Homeschool Planning: How to record activities you actually do for your records

Homeschool crate system to organize one full year of curriculum

Tips for homeschooling multiple grade levels

How to set up a homeschool loop schedule

Loop schedule printable

Getting started using Ambleside Online with 3 kids

Handwriting & Tracing

Beginner’s Guide To Copywork in a Charlotte Mason homeschool

Kumon Write & Wipe Letters

The Good And The Beautiful (Pre-K & Level K)

Lots and Lots of Letter Tracing Pages

100 sight words tracing pages (pre-k through grade 2)

Handwriting Without Tears Review for levels k, 1st, and 2nd

Handwritng Without Tears workbooks and chalkboards


Kindergarten Math With Confidence Review

First Grade Math With Confidence Review

Addition and subtraction games for 1st and 2nd grade

Addition Facts That Stick review

How to Teach Your Kids To Count Money

Math Lessons For A Living Education by Masterbooks

Math Lessons for a living education level 1 & 2 review

Singapore Math Primary US Edition Review 1A

Singapore Primary 2022 vs Primary US edition: What’s different?

Singapore Primary 2022 vs Math With Confidence Review

Place Value Chart Printable

Learning to read

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons

Dash into Learning Books (20% off using code BLUEANDHAZEL20)

Nature Study

Exploring Nature With Children by Raising Little Shoots (1 full year of nature study. Can be used every year with all ages)

Why we love Exploring Nature With Children Curriculum

How to make your own hummingbird sugar water

What to feed ducks instead of bread (and why bread is bad for them)

FREE nature curriculum for all 50 states (a MEGA blog post I put together full of resources)

Nature Journal (blank): 3 pack with 50 pages each, thick paper and unlined

Kids binoculars (we own 3 sets and they are great!)

How to raise tadpoles into frogs at home

Wild and Free Nature Co-ops nationwide

1000 Hours Outside Blog

Butterfly Kit by Insect Lore


Lily and Thistle Watercolor Art Classes Monthly (or yearly) subscription

FREE 12 watercolor bird tutorials for beginners we’ve use

Art For Kids Hub (YouTube)

Art projects for kids (step by step printables)

John Muir Law’s how to draw videos (great for beginner nature journaling)

Art With Miss Linda (YouTube channel)


How to finger knit using one finger loop (with video)


Psalm 23 Printable

Psalm 1 Printable

Egermeier’s bible story book for kids

New City Catechism Booklet

Charlotte Mason Posts

Beginner’s guide to copywork

What are living books and how to find them

Civil War living history books for kids K-12

Getting started using Ambleside Online for the 1st time with 3 kids

Educational TV Shows

Wild Kratts (Amazon Prime)

Bear Grylls (Any of his series are great for learning about survival outdoors! We rent DVD’s from our library)

Octonauts (Netflix)

Magic School Bus (Netflix)

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (Amazon Prime)

Bill Nye The Science Guy (library)

The Backyard Scientist (YouTube)

Mark Rober Science & Engineering (YouTube)

Nature shows by National Geographic on Disney +

100+ Kids’ Books turned into movies

Old Classic Family Movies

Curriculum Reviews

Busy Toddler’s Playing Preschool Review: 190 Days of At Home Learning

How we teach our kids to read with “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons

The Good And The Beautiful Level K Math Review

Kiwi Co Review for kids ages 6 and under: Is it worth it?

Language lessons for a living education review level 1

Math Lessons for a living education review level 1 & 2

Singapore Math Primary US edition review

Dash into Learning beginner reader book review

Brave Writer Darts and how to use them

Brave Writer Jot It Down for creative writing little years (5-8)

Night Zookeeper for grammar and creative writing (ages 6-12)


How to homeschool preschool: Getting started

Playing Preschool by Busy Toddler: 190 days Of At Home Learning It’s a complete curriculum with daily activities, book lists, poems, and letter of the week activities created by a former kindergarten teacher.

How much time should preschool take each day

Big Preschool Workbook (one workbook with worksheets on shapes, colors, numbers, tracing, and more)

Phone number practice printable

How to teach preschoolers to write letters of the alphabet

Preschool Treasure Hunt for Teaching Prepositions


How much does it cost to homeschool kindergarten?

Our relaxed homeschool kindergarten schedule and curriculum 2019-2020

Kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum picks 2020-2021

Curriculum picks by year

Kindergarten & 1st grade curriculum 2020-2021

1st and 2nd grade homeschool curriculum 2021-2022

Mid year update for 1st and 2nd grade 2021-2022

3rd & 2nd grade homeschool curriculum (+ kindergarten too) 2022-2023

4th, 3rd, & 1st grade homeschool curriculum picks 2023-2024

Just for homeschool moms

Helpful homeschool Facebook groups

Homeschool burnout for the tired mama

Useful gifts for homeschool moms

Homeschooling during pregnancy with baby #4

Homeschooling multiple grade levels

17 time saving tips for moms with toddlers

Realistic house cleaning schedule for busy moms


17 Chores for 7 year olds

15 Chores for 5 year olds that are actually helpful

What to do when your kids won’t stop whining for things

Chore chart printable

Why boredom is good for kids

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