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Chore Chart Printable With Pictures

I hope you will enjoy our family’s daily chore chart printable in my Etsy Shop! I wanted to design something that we could use for my 6 and 5 year old to know what was expected of them each day. My middle child can’t read yet so she needed pictures to represent her responsibilities.

I also wanted it to be usable for people without a laminator, so I’ll show you 3 ways you can use this printable to help with habit training.

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Customize it

My goal is to stop writing down any “chore” once it becomes a habit to them. For instance, as soon as they don’t need me to remind them to brush their teeth, there’s no need to add that to their daily list.

This can be detailed or not

  1. Use this as a routine for kids to know the flow of their day. For instance help preschoolers to know that after breakfast comes playtime and after playtime you take a walk, etc.
  2. Use this as a chore or homeschool checklist of things that need to get done. My almost 7 year old knows the routine well. So for him we will use this for his daily chore list with his school subjects for that day.

What you get:

This PDF download comes with 6 pages. 3 pages of chores/responsibilities and 3 colored backgrounds to choose from. I included the following homeschool subjects since I will be using some of these:

  • geography
  • history
  • math
  • language arts
  • reading
  • spelling
  • nature study
  • art
  • bible time
  • morning basket
  • writing
  • science
  • tea time

Get your chore chart in my Etsy shop!

Chore chart printable with pictures

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Feel free to contact me if you have any trouble with your download at [email protected].

chore chart printable with pictures in pink, blue, and rainbow colors.
blank chore chart for kids. Laminated to make it easy to write a new chore list each day.
Chore Chart in pink, blue, and rainbow
There are 3 ways to use this printable. See below!
Laminated chore chart with pictures for creating a routing at home or homeschool schedule.
Option 1: Perfect for kids who can’t read. Laminate the background and the chore pictures. Use velcro dots (soft side on chore chart and spiked side on the picture pieces) to create a customizable picture chart.
Reusable chore chart inside of a plastic pocket folder. Write on the plastic and wipe off. No need to reprint!
Option 2: If you don’t own a laminator and have kids that can read, you could use plastic pocket folder to slip your chore chart inside. Write on the plastic and wipe off. No need to reprint. No need for a laminator. No keeping track of small pieces.
Laminated reusable chore chart for boys. Perfect for homeschool and for kids who can read.
Option 3: For kids who can read, you could simply laminate the chore chart and write on the outside with dry erase marker. This eliminates the need to cut out and store small pieces or purchase velcro dots.
Printable preschool routine/chore chart for kids with pictures! Includes blue, pink, and rainbow templates.

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