How to teach your kid to read with an easy step by step book

One thing that has long been on my mind is how to teach your kid to read.  When are they ready? How to do it? I’m not a teacher or homeschooler, just a mom who wants to try this out.  I know they will learn in school, but I’ve noticed that Nigel wants to read!   Plus, I would LOVE it if he could read to himself for entertainment and open himself up to a whole new world of imagination! I am using this book because it has been recommended to me so much from other parents who have successfully used it.

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When can a kid learn to read?

Maybe much younger than you think! My 4-year-old has been asking to read and pretending to read books, so those are signs I’ve seen.  His attention span is getting better too.

If you are interested in how to teach your kid to read, even at 4 or 5 years old (or younger if you are crazy ;-), then I highly recommend the book called “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons“.   We are starting it now that Nigel is 4.  He can sit still and concentrate for at least 10 minutes, which is about half a full lesson.

Why I know it works

I’ve seen Peter’s two sisters use this book successfully so far on 3 kiddos, and I’ve met several mom friends who have also used it for their boys around 4/5 years old.  This book has won awards for how effective it is, and research has shown that kids who use this method read better than kids who learn with other methods. So, I’m convinced I can at least try it!

I am no homeschool mom here.   In fact, this teaching my kid to read thing intimidated me A LOT because I honestly didn’t know how.  But, this book literally gives me word for word what to say and how to teach! Plus it tells me when it’s Nigel’s turn to repeat me.

What NOT to do

Try not to be so focused on doing the book perfectly that it becomes a bore and a chore. Come with LOTS of patience. The book can teach a kid how to read but it can’t make them love to read.  That’s my job!

So I’m trying to make it fun by cheering for him when he gets it right or high fives.   I allow him to talk about the words and get a little off course now and then.  We both enjoy it more, which is half the battle.  We give him a treat when he is done.  I used to be a piece of candy, and now he gets to watch a show when he is done.

At first I thought we could never stray from the exact wording.  Or I  would get frustrated when Nigel was being a normal silly kid or slumping all over the couch or would keep getting it wrong or just start guessing.  These are pretty normal things I think and it’s my job to make it fun and be encouraging! How to teach your kid to read is a big thing to tackle, and there is more than one way I’m learning.

It has a writing lesson for each day too.

The book also has a mini writing lesson at the end of each reading lesson, if you want to dig into that.  Nigel was ready to try reading way before he was ready to start writing.  I could tell because he didn’t want to try writing out any “sounds” we were practicing and got too frustrated too soon.  So I put that off for a while and waited till he was literally asking me how to draw some of the sounds (aka letters) we were learning.

I ordered these traceable ABC Write and Wipe cards off of Amazon to practice writing.  They have been awesome and they are reusable! These ones are lowercase and they also have uppercase cards  and numbers!

How to write your ABC's and how to learn how to read

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How to know if it’s too early

We tried it when he was 3 just for fun because that’s how old Peter’s little brother was when he started this book.  It was way too early for us.  Nigel was too distracted, couldn’t sit still, and didn’t show any interest.  It was more an experiment to see if he was ready at all.  When he turned 4 he got frustrated that he couldn’t read books.  So that’s when we tried again! I’ll update you below as we go through chunks of the book.


Before you start the book

Before sitting down with Nigel, I spent a good hour just looking at what the book said to do and how it was formatted.  That was really helpful so that when I sit down with a squirmy boy for 10-15 minutes the time is used efficiently. Don’t skip this part or you will be a little unsure of how to do it!  Every word is set up for “the teacher” to say to the child.  So no matter if Peter does the lesson or me, we are saying the exact same words to Nigel as we walk him through a lesson.

How to teach your kid to read using the book

It is divided into red and black words in the beginning.  Any words in red I read out loud, which tell Nigel what to do and say with the black words.  The beginning focuses on a ton of individual sounds (up to lesson 10 or so).  A letter gets associated with a sound.   And eventually, sounds get combined to make words. It’s so cute to see the lightbulb go on in his brain when he recognizes a word!

In each lesson sounds and later on words have two components.  Sounding it out, and saying it fast.  As the teacher, I tell Nigel to “sound it out” while touching underneath each letter.  (after I’ve modeled how to). Later as sounds combine to form words he slides his hand under each letter and sounds out the individual sounds.  For example he learned the sound “r” which he learns is sounded out “rrrrr”.  Then he has to say it fast.  Same for words.  For example, when seeing the word “ram” for the first time he sounded out “rrraaammm”.  Then he had to say it fast like this “ram”.

Everything gets sounded out. This video is awesome if you want to see the book in use by a mom teaching.

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Update: So far from lesson 15:

He is sounding out short words such as sad, mad, eat, meat, read, am, ram, me, seed…just to name a few! It is so amazing to watch him run his finger under the sounds in each word and say these! I was a bit surprised it works to be honest! Some short sentences he has read by lesson 15 of 100 are “see me read” and ” and “mad at me” and “see the ram eat”

We often do half a lesson a day which also works well or do two half lessons each day.  Just so long as it’s every day.  But how cool that from the day you start, your kid could be reading in 3-6 months! If you want this book for later, just get Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and have it around!

Every kid is different:

Why is comparing so easy to do and dumb at the same time?! Some learn fast, some learn later when their attention span is better.    I figure when my kids seem interested, and I’m willing to sit down and do this every single day, then it will happen!  I have felt self-imposed pressure to teach Nigel to read even before he was ready.   And as sad as that is to admit, it’s true.  I’m sure everyone has that about something when it comes to their kids.  This post is to show you a tool that works if you want to do this at home! Have fun and leave a comment or question with your thoughts on this!


This is how we are teaching my 4 year old to read. Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons! How to teach your preschooler to read// Homeschool// how to use this book to do daily reading lessons and get your child reading before school or caught up in school. #earlyreading #homeschool #preschool #blueandhazel
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  1. Love this! With my girls (6,3 and 1) I just always make an effort to constantly shove a book in their hands- it works. Books and reading is the biggest pastime in our house.

  2. I’ve never heard of this book, so interesting! I was a kindergarten teacher before I became a SAHM so I completely get how daunting it can be to teach children how to read. I can’t wat for a progress report in a few weeks or months! Good luck!

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