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Easy Crafts For Toddlers For The Non Crafty Mom

It can be hard to find easy crafts for toddlers that require almost no preparation, keep their attention span, and are easy enough that you don’t have to step in too much.   My hang-up with crafts is that I’m not very crafty and don’t like huge messes to clean up.  Annnnd… I don’t want to start something it if I have to do it for them.

I’ve found some easy crafts for toddlers that we really enjoy though! The thing I noticed is that for it to stay fun, I have to put it away.  Then it’s like new the next time and my house doesn’t become a giant craft tornado.

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Easy Crafts for ToddlersEasy Toddler Crafts! Awesome list of hands on activities that toddlers can do with little preparation and little mess. #blueandhazel #toddler #toddlercrafts #preschool #preschooler

1. Markers and a coloring book

We tried crayons because they seem less messy, but my 2 year old just snaps crayons in half and doesn’t know how to push down hard enough to draw, so we use markers. Markers have an instant gratification effect even with poor dexterity!   I have to be in the room and say “only on paper” a lot while she draws.

If I catch my toddler drawing on her hands after I say not to, (or on anything but paper), I put it away and tell her we can try again when she is ready to obey. It goes up and I’ll take it down the next day or even a few hours later when she’s forgotten about it.

Markers that won’t color on walls or hands:

If you want to let them color and don’t want to pay close attention about what they color on, try out either the Crayola Color Wonder paper and markers or the Melissa and Doug Color Blasts. Both use a pen with invisible ink that only shows up when you use the special paper.

Differences: Color Wonder paper allows kids to draw whatever they want with whatever Color Wonder markers you get, while the Color Blasts by Melissa and Doug just have one pen that reveals whatever picture is already under the white paper.

2. Kid Stamps

Stamps are perfect to use on old paper, the inside of shipping boxes, or old mail!  This is super fun and easy to keep around in a craft drawer somewhere or ziplock bag.

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3. Do a Dot Washable Paint Markers

Here is why I love them.  They don’t spill, and it doesn’t take much skill.  The little sponge tip is awesome, it’s like stamping. We use blank printer paper or if I’m extra on my game Ill print out free downloads of special Do a Dot papers that allow my 2 and 3.5-year-old to concentrate and practice filling in the dots.

I still watch that they don’t try dotting up their legs and body because it stains their skin for about one day. Also, I let them take these outside and paint rocks, and they LOVE it.

Easy crafts for toddlers being used like these doadot markers outside on a picnic table

Do A Dot Markers make a great toddler craft! No spills, no paintbrushes, and they last a long time. I recommend keeping an eye on them though because my toddler loves to try and dot her skin!

4. Play Doh

“If you eat it you’re too little to play with it”.  O man I sound like my mom now!

When contained to the kitchen table, this is golden! My kids play the longest with this when I give them candles or something to stick in their creations.  I forget that a little kid can put a lump of play dough on a plate and call it…well…anything! If you don’t want to buy any tools then a cookie cutter does well.

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5. Dinosaur cookie cutters

Cookie cutter of any kind makes play dough more fun! These are SO cool, if you have a little kid who is into dinosaurs like my boy, these will extend play time waaaay farther!

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6. Fruit Loop Necklace Threading

I learned this from their Sunday School!

It’s a snack and works on dexterity and concentration! Use stiff string with a knot on one end so the fruit loops don’t fall off. Or, a pipe cleaner if you have them.  Or a thin new shoelace because it has that nice stiff tip.

7. Cutting paper

My idea of a break is allowing them to cut whatever they want (with kid scissors that come with the book below) without asking my help to do it for them. Sooo, if your toddler can’t cut out a square, but can still use scissors, then give them a blank piece of paper and draw a few lines for them to try to cut.

This book would also make a great preschool activity! I stay in the same room though, just to make sure they are ONLY cutting paper, and not their bangs!

8. Baking Soda & Vinegar Outside

This could be “messy” I guess, but if it’s outside I don’t really care as it can be hosed off! There is no clean up and you don’t have to wipe your kids down! This can also just be done on a baking sheet inside.

Sprinkle spots of baking soda on the concrete outside.  Then, get a little cup of vinegar and a medicine syringe (from an old Tylenol bottle or you can buy them at any grocery store).

Little ones who can pull the syringe up and down can squirt the baking soda with vinegar and watch it bubble.  Lots of baking soda spots = lots of quiet play= happy mom! I can easily go through half a box. Add some food coloring to the vinegar for more fun! We hose it off or just wait for the rain when done.

Baking soda, vinegar, and a medicine syringe outside will keep them SO excited and just rinse it all away with some water at the end.

Baking soda and vinegar is the perfect toddler craft/science experiment outside or on a cookie sheet. Add food coloring to the vinegar if you want it to be even cooler!.
little boy using baking soda and vinegar to see the reaction. #blueandhazel #toddler #toddlercraft

As soon as your toddler can figure out how to use a medicine syringe, they can do this craft. My 2 year old could do it, but her dexterity was much better than my son at that age.

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9. Spaghetti (uncooked) and marshmallow building

One day I was cooking spaghetti and my toddlers were getting really rambunctious. So I put about 10 raw noodles on the floor, and a handful of mini marshmallows (bigger ones work better), and told them to poke each marshmallow.

WOW it was like magic.  Quiet for 10-15 min…thats like forever in toddler land! No they weren’t capable of building structures yet but they did manage to concentrate on putting one spaghetti noodle into each mini marshmallow! Of course they ate them too…

A few hard spaghetti noodles and some marshmallows (or anything soft enough to poke) will buy you 10-15 min of quiet.

10. Use an old tissue box/cereal box for a mailbox

Before you run away thinking your not crafty, hear me out! Tissue boxes are zero prep, because of the hole in it. Cereal boxes just need a little slot cut on any side. That’s it.

Whenever we finish a tissue box I use it as a mailbox for one day before tossing.  I set it down, cut up some “mail” and they can stuff “mail” into it or deliver it around the house.

To make mail, I either cut a cereal box apart and let them “address” the mail with a pen, (they scribble all over it)…or just have them find toys to put them in like “packages”.  If you have stickers around they could also sticker up the “mail”  or mailbox.

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11. Art Easel for paint/drawing/chalk

My kids were 2.5 and 4 when we got this art easel, but it is AWESOME! It has a chalkboard, whiteboard, and paper roll with paint buckets. For a non messy day, just leave out painting and let them draw and erase.  Don’t forget to buy chalk, markers, dry erase markers and paint as they do not come with this set.

12. Trace around their hands

Grab a printer sheet, trace their little hand or foot, and let them color it in. It doesn’t take long, and you can even draw in fingernails for them to color if you want.

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13. Window stickies (gel clings)

Toddlers love these! Mine seem to like peeling them off of the windows more than sticking them on. Just search Amazon for gel clings or check the dollar store during any holiday.

Do you have any easy crafts your toddler loves? Please share in the comments and save another mamas sanity!

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Here are some great toddler activities that are easy to do at home and not too messy. // Easy crafts for toddlers and kids for the non crafty mom // #toddleractivities #kidactivities #blueandhazel #toddler #kidcrafts