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Best Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Little Kids

Right now my 4-year-old boy pretends he is a T-Rex most the time, and my 2-year-old walks around in her dinosaur costume sometimes all day. If you have kids who pretend to hatch out of blankets and roar around the house like a T-Rex, then I’m glad you’re here! These are some of the best dinosaur gift ideas for toddlers and little kids! I’ve made a gold mine for you to browse through.

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Best Dinosaur Gift Ideas For Kids

My kids get obsessed about things for a short while, and I really enjoy watching them play and use their imagination. My son has gone through so many precious phases like Bob the Builder at age 2, Thomas the Train at age 3, and Dinosaurs at age 4.

I know kids move on from toys quickly, but I still really love to watch and listen to him playing. Because as you know if you have a kid that loves dinosaurs, they are a real dinosaur.

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Dinosaur Costumes

dinosaur activities for preschoolers

This is the exact costume my daughter is wearing in the photo above and it’s been a hit for both my kids now for years! It comes in a ton of sizes from baby to older kids so if you have a few kids that want to match it’s perfect.  Plus it’s velvety soft and comes with puffy dinosaur slippers.  My little girl is the real thing in it, and she knows it.

If you want to opt in for a more affordable play costume, check out this DIY dinosaur hat post from! All you need is a kid sized ball cap, glue gun, and some black and white felt.

Dinosaur books with insanely good ratings:


This was my husband’s favorite dinosaur book growing up and the pictures are incredible!  This is the first in a series of 3 books about an imaginary world where people and dinosaurs live together in harmony. And it’s a large book that could take months of reading a few pages at a time. My 4 year old is enthralled.

Dinosaur Toys

Set of 4 Dinosaur Toys on Wheels

These rolling dinosaurs roll on their own when you crank them back and let go. What stuck out to me was how many 5 star reviews this had…over 1500!

Dinosaur Track Toy Set

This dinosaur race car set includes tracks, bridge, trees, dinosaurs, and trucks (206 pieces total).

Hatching Dino Eggs

We were gifted a hatching dinosaur egg for Christmas from Aunty Gina and Uncle Paul and wow it my son loved it! It has a hard shell and you soak it in water for about a full day, and it cracks and out pops a little dinosaur to play with.  The downside was waiting for the egg to hatch.  It’s a delayed gratification type of toy.

Dinosaur Hopper Ball 18 inch

I used to play with one of these! It’s a great way for kids to jump and get out energy.

Match Dino Cards

This comes with 15 dinosaur cards to match up.  Awesome for about 2 years and older.

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2 lbs of play sand with 6 dinos 6 molds and a tray

If you have never played with kinetic sand as an adult (or a child), it’s feels so cool. Somehow the sand sticks together and doesn’t dry out.  It’s easy to shape into molds and play with.


Animal Planet’s Big Tub of Dinos 40+ Piece Set

We have this set and love it. I was lucky enough to find it at Goodwill and the tub is especially nice for putting everything away. It comes with a ton of plastic dinosaurs, trees, a f


ew volcanos, and play rocks.  My kids set up a “dino village” and we crack them out sometimes with Play Doh for extra fun play.

Dinosaurs in the Kitchen

Tovolo dinosaur popsicle molds

These reusable molds make 4 dinosaur popsicles! I can only imagine how excited my kids would be to eat a triceratops. The only down side is that I’d probably want to buy 2.

Dino Cookie Cutters

For Play Doh & sugar cookies.  These look durable and any girl or boy would make some great Play Doh cut outs with these, or sugar cookies.


Dinosaur Activity Books

Melissa and Doug color blast with no mess marker

We have had these and I’m a HUGE fan. 24 pages of coloring, fits in a purse, and the marker has no color. Color only shows up on the page when the marker touches it..soooo nice if you don’t want to worry about marker getting on skin and walls.

My 2 year old scribbles lines on this, and my 4 year old can color in the lines. Update January 2018: My 3.5 and 5 year old each got one of these for Christmas and of all the things they opened, this was what they worked on right away after presents were opened. Still a favorite I guess!

We have also kept extra of these in a present box for last minute gifts. It’s a sure hit for boys or girls.

Melissa and Doug Scratch and Draw Dino paper set of 4

If you can’t tell, we are big fans of Melissa and Doug because they have so many creative hands on activities. This has 4 holographic pieces with dinosaur stencils to get this awesome effect.  I put this one down because it has dinosaur stencils in it, but if you want the same cool paper for WAY cheaper, check out these ones. You can get 130 sheets for $8 (with no dinosaur stencil though) instead of just 4 sheets for $5 like this one from Melissa and Doug. Personally, I’d get both to have the dinosaur stencils and the huge pack of cheap black paper.

Dino Coloring Book with 30 pages

My son will not color with his sister’s princess coloring book, but I guarantee he would color this!


Dinosaur Boots

Light Up Dinosaur Boots

We bought these exact light up dinosaur rain boots and they were SUCH A HIT! The light is going strong 6 months in and it’s so nice to take these if we go anywhere in the dark. Worth every cent so far! 

Oaki Kid’s Neoprene Dinosaur Boots

When you want a little warmer boot to keep out the water, how cute are these? 5mm of neoprene!

Outee Rubber Boots

These dinosaur boots come in yellow, green, or blue and had 100 4.5 star reviews! The price was awesome too.

Dinosaur Bedroom Decorations

Dinosaur Toddler Bed Set and matching wall decor

This 5 piece set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, pillowcase, and sham. The dinosaur wall art matches and is sold separately. 


Customizable Dinosaur Toy Chest

Every room needs somewhere to put toys, and this dinosaur themed toy chest doubles as a bench.

Giant Stuffed Dinosaur by Melissa and Doug

I can just imagine a little kid seeing this for the first time. Kind of fun, but I’m guessing it would be more of a room decoration than an actual toy?

Dinosaur Shows:

Get ready for your kids to start spewing off facts to you about dinosaurs.

  • Dinosaur Train
  • Dino Dan
  • Dino Dana
  • DinoTrucks (Too scary for my kids, but older kids would love these dinosaur machines).

These are free on Amazon Prime if you are a member. If you’re not, try it free here for 30 days and cancel at any time.

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I will keep adding to this list of best dinosaur gift ideas as I find things my kids would love.  Also, you can follow Blue and Hazel on Instagram!





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