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Place Value Chart Printable

I created this Place Value Printable for use in our home when I had a 1st and 2nd grader. We were using Singapore Math for my 2nd grader and 1st grade Math With Confidence and BOTH math programs had a need for me to buy some kind of base 10 set.

This one works well to teach basic place value, and how to visually see what happens when adding more than 10 or borrowing.

laminated place value chart with ones, tens, and hundreds pieces cut out in columns.

Since base 10 sets take up a good deal of space, I decided to make my own flat version. I’m in the process of moving in a few months and do not need to add anything bulky. In fact, I’m trying to declutter our homeschool supplies, not add to it because of the move.

While a base 10 set is ideal because the proportions are 3 dimensional, easy to hold, and have correct proportions (the size of a 100 block is literally the size of 10 sets of 10 blocks), the set takes up a LOT of space. This printable is flat and can be laminated and stored in a sandwich bag or in a binder.

Simply head to my Etsy printable shop to get the PDF instantly emailed to you. Be sure to check your spam filter if you don’t see it right away!

Place Value printable with ones, tens, hundreds, and a vertical and horizontal place value chart.
A place value chart with colored squares and rectangles saying 100, 10, and 1 written on them.
A place value chart with ones, tens, and hundreds pieces lined up.
Place Value chart with ones, tens, and hundreds and a bunch of laminated numbers in a plastic bag.
Place Value chart for homeschool math. Ones, tens, and hundreds pieces being cut and placed on a place value chart.

The size of these manipulative pieces are not proportional, meaning the 10 blocks are not the same size as ten 1 one blocks put together. However, each block has an easily identifiable number/color.

I created them to be able to fit in place value columns with easy to read numbers on them. Your child should easily see that they’ll trade 10 squares that are worth 1, for 1 rectangle that says 10. And that 10 rectangles worth 10 each trade out for 1 big 100 square.

Happy math-ing, and hope this place value printable will give your child the visual they need!