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Super Useful Gifts For Homeschool Moms

After 4 years into this homeschool journey, I will show you some of the best gifts for homeschool moms! In general, homeschooling moms tend to be very resourceful, and don’t often splurge on themselves. So here’s your chance, especially with Christmas upon us again, to spoil the woman who is doing it ALL.

I’ve divided the post into two sections: one for useful gifts for the homeschool classroom and useful gifts for pampering a homeschooling mama. ENJOY!

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Best gifts for homeschool moms that are useful for teaching

Rolling Metal Storage Cart

This is my metal rolling cart and it’s is so practical for homeschooling! It’s perfect to store arts and crafts, books, and can easily be rolled into a closet or another room for storing. You cannot go wrong with this gift, and it comes in a few other colors! It’s super easy to put together too.

World Globe

Every homeschool family should have a great world map and map of their country around! We have a flat map, but I would love to get this world globe to show the kids a realistic view of the world. I love that it does not have any cords. There are some cool globes you can find that light up and even show constellations, but this is a beautiful and sturdy classic globe without cords or batteries needed to be useful.

Magnetic Calendar

This fridge calendar comes with dry erase markers, and can be used for meal planning or to quickly glance at family activities for the month! It sticks to the fridge and can be used every month for years to come.

Insulated Family Size Lunch Box

As a homeschool mom, I’m constantly packing family lunches for outings. This insulated lunch bag is one of the most practical gifts! And, it’s stylish and can keep food cold for 6 hours. I quickly learned that an insulate lunch bag means the difference between cold fruit and warm soggy fruit, or cold yogurt instead of room temperature. Even if what she has now “works”, a new large lunch tote is a very thoughtful, practical gift to compliment the homeschool lifestyle.

Blank journals for nature journaling, art doodling, or for the kids

I have purchased these journals for my kids twice now. They are great to use as a nature journal or for doodling.

There are 100 blank pages of water-color-thickness blank paper in each book. The front can be personalized with art, stickers, or whatever you like! Such a great value for the homeschool mom trying to start a nature journal!

Watercolor paints

I have this set and it’s lovely!

Pretty much every homeschool mama I know has a watercolor set, but doesn’t get that extra set they want because they’re being frugal and can do with just 1. Maybe they’d use it for themselves, or just like another set so the kids can have more to go around. This gift is a perfect use it up type gift and will be 100% welcomed! It would be perfect when paired with the blank journals above.

Pretty organizers

If there’s a mom out there with no more closets to conquer and organize, I’ll be in shock. Get her a stack of 4 pretty baskets, perfect for organizing art supplies, bathroom closets, or the pantry. Excuse me while I go plan my dream pantry filled with these.

Subscription to Books on Tape

Listening to books on tape may already be her thing, but if it’s not, this gift of Audible would be a good gift! She can let the kids listen to stories giving her brain a break, or enjoy some books while she’s folding laundry. One month is $15, 2 months $30, each for each month they get an audiobook and 2 Audible originals.

Awesome Homeschool Mom T-Shirts

Best gifts to pamper homeschooling moms…things she would love but won’t buy for herself

Hydro Flask insulated water bottle or coffee mug

I use mine every day, at home or on the go. It sits by my bed at night and follows me room to room sometimes. A homeschool mom is busy and forgets to drink enough water (at least this girl!) There’s so many sizes and colors to choose from too.

Be sure to check out how to shop Hydro Flask water bottles 25%-50% off!

A new long luxurious robe

Every few years my husband buys me a long, super soft robe. I am typically a size small but prefer to buy a size large just so it’s extra roomy like a wearable blanket.

It’s my hangout gear from from night time till after my 1st cup of coffee, and I don’t doubt any homeschool mom would love this too!

Professional dry shampoo

My hair stylist used this on my hair, and it is the BEST dry shampoo I have ever tried! It instantly absorbs oil with a translucent spray and a lovely scent (not overpowering like my Batiste). This allows a busy mom to have beautiful clean looking hair for days without washing it. For all hair types and colors.

Robot Vacuum

This RoboVac Slim was voted best robotic vacuum in 2019 by Tom’s Guide, and can clean any hard surface or medium pile carpet and is as quiet as the sound of a microwave! It crawls around cleaning floors while she is homeschooling!

Tea Bag Sampler

I recently “splurged” and bought myself a tea sampler from Harney & Sons. It’s a nicer tea brand that I’ve enjoyed in the past, and wanted to try a few new flavors.

This tea sampler pack is a perfect gift for a homeschool mom! There’s 3 packages of 15 flavors to try! It’s strange, but drinking tea has become a part of the day that I equate to rest and relaxation. And a sampler pack adds some fun variety. I look forward to switching it up now and then.

This is VERY a practical gift for a mom who doesn’t necessarily want more “stuff” but would appreciate a gift that can be used up.

Sherpa Fleece Sweatshirt

Who wouldn’t want a warm, soft and fuzzy pullover?! This is the perfect loungewear to keep a mom cute and warm all day, and can be easily paired with jeans or the infamous yoga pant!

Eco friendly laundry detergent sheets and dishwasher tablets

Maybe it’s just me…but I get bored with stuff I use to clean with and love discovering new products to use around the house. Same goes for makeup, hair products, etc.

This year I discovered eco friendly laundry detergent sheets by Earth Breeze and am so so impressed that I want to gift these to my sisters and mom this year.

These somehow remove all the liquid, and so you only store the super concentrated detergent in the form of sheets. Zero plastic used in shipping or product packaging, and it takes up even less space on my shelf than our Dropps pods!

Here’s my Earth Breeze review if you want to see more.

Buy her the BEST homeschool gift ever: Time & Convenience

There are SO many things I’d appreciate as a homeschooling mom. First off, give the gift of Amazon Prime. When I need homeschool supplies, clothes, sippy cups, or cleaning supplies…it comes from Amazon. It saves SO much time and avoids dragging kids to many stores.

Other time saving gifts moms would love include a one time deep clean house cleaner (roughly $200), a meal subscription box (my personal favorite for quality is Blue Apron), or replace that one appliance that drives her nuts.

Gift her a membership

Homeschool moms like experience gifts, and MEMBERSHIPS!

Many homeschool moms I talk to REALLY appreciate when a grandparent contributes a zoo membership, or a science center membership.

Personally, Id love for someone to gift me a membership to a trampoline park so my kids can go “Buck Wild” as they call it in the South 😉 I’d love to hear any other ideas that you have! Leave me a comment below if you have suggestions!

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