Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers 2017

My kids are ages 3 and 4, and everything on this holiday gift guide for preschoolers is something they either play with a lot or would go bonkers over! We especially love toys that inspire creativity and imagination as opposed to toys that just do one thing.  We also don’t have toys with batteries and loud sounds (we have enough noise here without those things).  Hope you love the suggestions and don’t forget to make yourself an Amazon wishlist to share with family!

This post contains affiliate links, and any products we received free of charge will be stated below. All opinions are my own.

Holiday Gift Guide For Preschoolers

Picasso Tiles 100 piece Bristle Blocks Farm Set

This was sent to us free to try.

My kids have played with a similar set before and I’ve known since then these are awesome for little kids with less than optimal building ability.  The bristles press together easily.  We play for about 30 minutes to an hour and put the pieces away. At age 3 and 4.5 they build simple structures but not anything complicated.  For instance, they need help to make a rocket or car or barn-looking structure.  But stacking or making little trees are easy for them.

Update 2018: These bristle blocks are still some of their favorite toys to build with even 1 year later! They now build awesome things on their own like “spaceships”, towers, and little housing structures.

Picasso Tiles 100 piece Bristle Shape Blocks

2 lbs Play Sand by National Geographic

This is just like kinetic sand and comes with some fun sandcastle molds. It sticks together, is soft, and sort of addicting to play with! You can also buy the 6 or 12 lb kit too.  Even adults like this stuff!  I like that it is a hands-on toy that requires shaping and imagination.


Check out my post for some Toddler Activites at home here.

Hape All-In-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll

This item was sent to us free by Hape Toys.

An art easel has long been on my wishlist!  This one is height adjustable so it will last from age 3 to 8 or so! To adjust the height you just turn the red knobs in the photo. One side has a magnetic white board and the other has a chalkboard.  So with two kids, both can play at the same time…score.

It comes with 3 (empty) paint pots, a paper roll, and the easel, so remember to snag the actual paint, markers, and accessories separately. For an extra $25 on Amazon, you can snag this kit that comes with 4 tubes of paint, brushes, chalk, erasers, and one dry erase marker. The only thing that would make this product way easier on parents is if it actually came with all that. It would be a sad day if your kid opened this as a present and couldn’t use it right away!

Hape All in One Art Easel Review for Kids
I forgot to order special paint and paintbrushes in time so I had to use what we already had here. My brushes were too wide to fit into the spill proof cups so we just took off the lids.


Hape All in One Art Easel Review for Kids


 Strider bike 

I had to include this because our son has used this from age 18 months to 4.5 years.  It’s so adjustable a toddler can walk on it, and later on glide and balance.  This allows them to skip training wheels since their balance is SO amazing after using it.

Melissa and Doug Water Wow

We have used so many of these (age 18 month and up)  and they are especially amazing for car trips! The pen holds water and the water reveals the picture as they color.  Then it dries and is reusable! I like these packs better than the flipbook versions for $5 because these have 26 smaller pictures that clip together, as opposed to 4 large ones in the other product they sell.

Water Wow Melissa and Doug ABC

Melissa and Doug Color Reveal Books

My kids love these!! 24 pages/book. As soon as they can hold a pen they can use it!  It’s especially nice for little kids who tend to color on more than just paper…because the marker is colorless.  It only reveals the picture on the paper when it touches.  Older kids love it too, and color more thoroughly.

Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart

Need I say more? We have a vintage one similar to this, and O MY is it fun.  It gets pushed all over and played with every day.

Lincoln Logs 327 piece village set

A classic toy we all played with.  These are not cheap but they will be played with for years.  From age 3 and up they allow endless building and imagination.  And, you will have them around for the grandkids.  I know my parents still have ours!


Digger set & Cafe Set (had to throw in a pink set because those were special to me growing up 😉 )

Tegu Magnetic Blocks

This is on my wishlist! It’s all the rage these days and a very cool product.  Blocks that stick together and can be used by many ages for years. These come in many colors, set sizes, and there are even sets with wheels which any little kid would love.

Battat Take-A-Part Toys

We were gifted this for Nigel’s 3rd birthday and it was one of the few toys we kept around our house.  Hands down the battery powered drill was the favorite toy and still is here.  You can unscrew and put back together all the parts of this plane.  If you have two kids, get two of these sets just for the drill.  I’ve also pictured a few of their other toys, but we love the plane.

Wooden Growth Ruler

We have this one in natural, provided to us free to show you.  It is currently the only wooden growth ruler on Etsy with the numbers burnt into the wood.  No paint chipping off in 20 years! It is made of high quality clear white pine. Use code BLUEANDHAZEL20 for 20% off.

Wooden growth ruler burnt wood         wooden growth ruler burnt wood

BOGS Insulated Boots

We got our first pair for my 3-year-old and now we are lifers. He wore these in ice-cold water for half an hour without socks and came inside with warm feet! After 4 months of ice and snow, these were the only shoes to wear. We even love them in the summer months when we get huge rain storms as my kids can go puddle jump and stay dry. And they have SO many prints to choose from 🙂

Hape City Cafe Play Kitchen

This item was sent to us free to test by Hape Toys.

What a cute little kitchen!  I love the modern look of this one, the mini size,  and that it comes with a few cooking pieces! It’s one of the more affordable play kitchens on Amazon too.

Unboxing: This was easy to put together and I set it up in about 20 minutes.  I did use a screwdriver so you will need a Phillips head for that. Also, it was shorter than other play kitchens which is great for my two-year-old but my tall 4-year-old towers over it.

Play kitchens have been a jewel to us from age 2 to 4.5.  They spark a ton of imaginative play and kids don’t even need to own play food. We give our kids wood chunks and cardboard and away they cook!

Hape City Cafe Play Kitchen Play set review

Hape City Cafe Play Kitchen Play set review

Matching Pajamas: Sweet Cheeks by Lazyone

Lazyone provided these to us free of charge to show you, and they are SO fun! You can get these exact ones in the links below on Amazon. I know some people who open jammies as their Christmas Eve tradition, but we will be sporting these for the whole month of December. And, they come in adult sizes too, whoop whoop!


6-18 month size

Kids 2t-Youth 12

Adult size S-XL

Sweet Cheeks Christmas Pajamas Lazy One



I’d love to know what favorites you like for your little ones! What things would you put in a holiday gift guide for preschoolers? Drop a comment below to share! And be sure to follow us on Instagram!




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