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The BEST glass baby bottle

When I was a brand new mom, I really wanted to have glass baby bottles knowing that I would be occasionally microwaving either my saved breastmilk or later on cow’s milk. After much reading, I made the plunge and bought the best glass baby bottle ever and three years later still have it (and a few more ;-)! I can’t wait to show you why the Lifefactory glass baby bottle is still my favorite choice, so keep reading below!

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See the only glass baby bottles you will ever want to own and why!

Why are these bottles the best glass baby bottle?

1. Durability

These have amazed me…like the abuse they have received from my babies without breaking is a bit mind-blowing. From being thrown on the hard kitchen floor during a fit or tossed out of the stroller… Or dropped from a highchair. Or stuffed in my backpack on the bottom next to another hard object. How they don’t break, I can only attribute to the companies specialty glass which makes it so these can go from frozen temps to boiling water without breaking, and also to the amazing silicone sleeve.


These Lifefactory glass baby bottles are the best glass baby bottles! They come in 4oz or 9 oz bottles and have proven me a loyal customer. Durable, cute, and safe to drink out of.  #blueandhazel #glassbottles #baby #bottles


2. Silicone Sleeve

100% silicone, a nice thin layer protects the whole bottle. You can set this on concrete, tip it over, and know it will likely be protected from breaking. I also love the design of the holes in the silicone because silicone can sometimes get slippery if you don’t wash the sleeve all the time like me, but with the holes it does not feel slippery and its easy to grip no matter what. And it comes in such cute colors! O how I love the colors!! This sleeve is tricky to pull off so I rarely do, but you can soap it up and then it slips off just fine when you need to wash it really well.


See the only glass bottles you will every buy and why! Lifefactory 4 oz glass baby bottles
Lifefactory 4 oz glass baby bottles, covered in silicone even on the bottom

3. Safety

I love knowing that when I heat up milk in the microwave, that no plastic is getting into my baby.  These bottles, sleeves, and nipples are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free, and dishwasher safe.

4 oz glass bottle by Lifefactory, the best glass baby bottle and hard to break.

4. Bottle or sippy cup lids available

Update, they no longer offer the sippy cap option for some reason (sad!) but I am leaving this info here in case other sellers are still offering it.

Stage 1 nipples are 0-3 months, stage 2 are 3-6 months (though we have used these for waaaay longer as my kids LOVE their bottles, its a comfort item rather than a thumb or binky I think).


5. Fits other standard nipples, and most breast pumps.

As my kids have grown teeth, they have shred some plastic nipples, not going to lie! While you can buy replacement nipples for these, I have often found cheaper standard size nipples and they fit in just fine. Also the bottle screws onto most breast pumps.


Glass Lifefactory bottle used with a different nipple and lid. Nice that it is compatible!
This is a lid from another bottle we had, which fit onto these just fine.



1. Glass can break

In three years, I have broken one.  I’m surprised just one! If my kids were breaking these all the time I could not afford to buy them often.  And just to let you know, when it did break, it was on asphalt as Nigel chucked it out of the stroller.  And asphalt is not as forgiving as even smooth concrete under a kitchen floor, so, that was that. And, to attest to the silicone sleeve helping, I have bought several other brands that come without the sleeve, and they have broken which I think is because they don’t have the silicone.  The silicone is what makes these the best glass baby bottle I think!

2. Expensive.

The cheapest I have found these is around $9/bottle.  Let me tell you, its worth it.  I own three, and that’s all I need.

Last thoughts:

While we bought the 9 oz bottle for my son when he was guzzling the 4 oz ones (which actually hold about 5 oz when topped off)…I still prefer the smaller 4 oz bottles.  No matter what size I offer them, they drink ALL of it, haha, which means, they were peeing out of their diapers ALL the time at night and naps.  Now, sometimes I will give them the bigger one but only fill it to 7 oz or something.  Its nice to have the bigger option, but now you have been warned :-)!  You can get one here, you won’t regret it!


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