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Cute Diaper Backpacks That Don’t Look Like A Diaper Bag

It wasn’t until my 3rd baby that I realized there were some really cute diaper backpacks out there! I feel like they weren’t as common when I had my first baby, but now most moms I know use them.

I love that my hands are free with a diaper backpack, and there’s no lopsided weight pulling on one shoulder. This is so helpful for your back and shoulder if you are like us and have babies 18 months apart.

If you have a bag you love already but it’s not a “diaper bag”, see how I turned my purse into a diaper bag.

Of course, you can also turn ANY backpack into a diaper bag to carry diapers, wipes, and snacks. However all of these backpacks below have a few zippers and pockets specifically designed to help you pack all the baby supplies.

I’ve sorted the cutest ones I could find by color, so you can find one that suits your style!

What to look for before buying a cute diaper backpack

What size diaper bag do you want?

One thing to think about before you put a cute diaper backpack into your shopping cart is to consider how large it will be on you. Personally, I need to carry a small bag or backpack.

I’m petite, but apart from that I’m also prone to stuffing in way more than I need making it impossible to find anything.

Smaller bags fit my frame as well as force me to carry just the necessities like diapers, wipes, snack, water bottle, keys, etc.

Are you bottle feeding?

I would not dare put a bottle (even capped) into a diaper bag without a spot for bottles.

Well, I have actually… and it spilled out quite a lot. My diaper bag wreaked like rotten milk till I cleaned it.

Do you like lots of pockets in your diaper bag?

Most diaper backpacks come with some pockets, but if you like to have each thing secured, then go for a bag with more.

I tend to like one big open pocket and use wet bags to keep diapers and wipes in. That way it’s easy to just grab and hand to my husband if needed, and it’s easy for me to spot.

Consider how it opens.

Most bags have zippers, some have magnets (easier to open with one hand if you’re holding a baby), and others have buckles.

Magnets are nice but your bag is less secure if dumped upside down.

Buckles are huge no no for me as it takes two hands and more time. Zippers are a happy medium to me. It’s all about your preference!

How easy is it to clean the diaper backpack?

Faux leather is super easy to wipe down! And less expensive. Other fabric type backpacks may show spills or dirt a lot easier.

White cloth would be my enemy, since cloth is hardest to clean and white is quickest to show dirt. Just some thoughts.

Ok, onto the fun stuff…cute diaper backpacks!!!

Neutral Faux Leather Diaper Backpacks

Miss Fong faux leather bag has lots of small pockets inside, water bottle holders on both sides, and a laptop sleeve if needed. It’s small, easy to clean, and looks nothing like a “diaper bag”!
This synthetic leather diaper bag comes in 12 colors and has a laptop compartment big enough for a Macbook Pro. It has a front zipper, and side pockets. The inside is more open and it does not contain pockets for bottles, etc.

This vegan backpack from Freshly picked is so sleek and classy! It has a large main storage spot with 9 pockets. Comes in 3 colors: amber, black, and tan.

This vegan leather bag from Itzy Ritzy comes in 8 color combos with over 1,500 5 star reviews! The whole front area opens and it comes with a changing pad as well. There are 8 pockets, 4 inside and 4 outside.

It also comes with tiny rubber pieces on the bottom that help it not to rub or touch the ground when you set it down. This lengthens the length of your bag and keeps it from getting so scraped on the bottom!

One more print of the same Itzy Ritzy bag in leopard print…because it’s so fun and you won’t be running into anyone with the same bag as you!

Luli Bebe vegan leather diaper backpack comes in stone grey, latte, pastel pink, and off white. Has a magnetic flap front pouch, comes with a stroller hook, changing pad, and 9 pockets.
I’ve had my eye on a vegan leather Ryla bag for a while. Comes with 4 outside and 6 inside pockets, is smaller in nature to help you not overpack and get a backache. I purposefully buy smaller bags for this reason! Comes in light grey, black, and brown.
Very similar to above, and comes in grey, olive, black, navy and charcoal. This has 16 compartments, 2 insulated bottle holders, changing pad, and laptop holder if traveling! With almost 1500 4.5 star reviews, it’s worth adding here!
The Honest Company’s diaper backpack is made of Vegan Leather, and comes in cognac or black. 7 exterior pockets and 3 interior pockets. And So. Dang. Cute!
Technically this vegan leather bag is “camel beige” but I’m putting it in the mustard yellow category. It’s got 2 internal bottle holders, an anti theft pocket, and a hook to attach to a stroller. Slim, gorgeous, and also comes in black.

Colorful Diaper Backpacks

This blue diaper backpack bag is so fun and non traditional looking! The top closure is actually 2 magnets, and there is also a lower zipper in the back to make easy access to the bottom of the bag. Comes with a shoulder strap, 13 compartments and 3 bottle holders. Comes in grey, black, and pink too.
This olive green bag has 13 pockets, 2 bottle holders, anti theft pocket, zipper on back to lower main compartment to help make access easy to things in the bottom of your purse! Comes with a lifetime warranty.
This is the same as above but the pink version.
This pink faux leather bag comes with one main compartment, 3 insulated pockets , changing pad, and a wet clothes pocket. It’s smaller but still holds up to 3 bottles.

What do you like in a diaper bag?

Inevitably my diaper backpacks get something spilled inside that make it hard to clean. It’s been spilled milk before and squished bananas and melted chocolate.

I wish I was better at keeping them clean, but unless it’s a real leather bag, I’m fine buying a new bag with each baby to switch things up and start fresh and clean.

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