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How we fit three carseats in the back of a car with Graco

One of the questions we had going from 2 to 3 kids was if we would have to upgrade from our old school 90’s car to a minivan. Obviously a bigger car would be ideal.  But honestly we didn’t want to buy a different one 3 months before moving across the country. So we set out on the quest to see what car seat combo we would need to safely fit three.  One of the more affordable car seats we found was with Graco.


Graco Slimfit All in One Review
What a nice thing to have free 2 day shipping and not drag this big box through the store and load it in and out of our trunk!

Graco’s affordable car seats 

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Graco had a slim car seat option, coming in at just 16.25 inches wide with the cupholders closed! And it was one of their more economical ones!  By rotating the cup holder in, the whole seat becomes 10% slimmer.  We could hypothetically use their Slimfit All in One convertible car seat for any of our 3 kids since it is front or rear seat facing and good from 5-100 lbs!

With three kids in the back of a car I put Nigel in the middle since his legs are the longest. Laila gets another convertible car seat. Desmond uses a slim infant seat with base.

For our new baby we had a Cybex Aton 2 which is a 17.25 inches wide but honestly WAY heavy.  It was narrow enough to fit in our car in combo with two convertible car seats, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

Even better all of the Graco car seats can be ordered with free two-day shipping from Walmart. I could avoid lugging that through the store and into my trunk with three kids.

I am very happy with the quality Graco stands up to and functionality of this car seat.  It’s very cushiony which is the part Nigel notices.  The fact that this car seat could last up to 100 lbs as it later can be turned into a booster makes the $200 price point extremely affordable compared to other Graco options.

Graco Slimfit All in One Review
The cup holder swivels open and shut. When shut it decreases the car seat width by 10%!

Graco Slimfit All in One Review

grace slim fit all in one review
Testing it out just before putting it in the car. The headpiece goes up and down to adjust height, and there are even 4 recline options too. In our small car though it will be as upright as possible to give the most leg room.


Graco Slim Fit All In One Convertible Car Seat Review





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