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My Hospital Bag Checklist for Labor and Delivery

I am currently rounding up what to pack for my third hospital labor and delivery, and want to share the most practical things I wished I had the first time.  Most things on my hospital bag checklist can be done a long time ahead, as well as a what to throw in “on your way out the door” list.

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My Hospital Bag Checklist for baby number 3

  • Mini travel size toiletries (for hubby too)

    • Shampoo. Conditioner. Mini Dove soap bar. Lotion. Deodorant. Face wash. Toothpaste and toothbrush. Comb. Razor. Shave Foam. For some reason, I thought that because a hospital has a shower there would be no need for some of these, like a hotel, WRONG! If you are lucky and they have hand soap in a wall dispenser, it will work, but it is all hospital grade and non-luxurious. If you are looking for a great roll up bag with 4 pockets that will fit toiletries for you and hubby, plus a lot more, this is what I use.
  • Chapstick

    • Didn’t bring this for my first and wanted it badly! So many ladies agree that your lips get horribly chapped, I don’t know why. Just pop one in your purse at the least so you will for sure have it!
  • Makeup

    • Some may think it’s stupid to put on makeup and to be honest during labor probably a lot will slide right off!  However, at the very least, after baby comes, makeup makes me feel awake and prettier, and since I cherish ALL the newborn photos it’s nice to look back and feel cute in a few 😉
  • Robe

    • This time around I am bringing this fuzzy robe as its warm and will be easy to nurse in. Having a warm robe is ideal because they keep the rooms a little cooler and being cold is no fun! It’s also the easiest thing to nurse in and covers you up without having to wear pants.
  • Slippers

    • Or warm socks, but its a nice comfort item to me, and slippers are easy to put on.
  • Rock Candy Nursing Bra by Cake Maternity

  • Clothes

    • I like to have one outfit for the mother-baby room after. My favorites have been a tank top, a warm full zip sweatshirt that fit around 6 months, 2-3 pairs of extra underwear(that you are ok staining or tossing later) ;-), black maternity stretchy pants, and warm socks. I like this combo because its comfy, and you can also sleep in them at night without having to pack extra pajamas. Hospitals feel cold to me so warm items are super nice.
  • Pillow and blanket(s)

    • This soft blanket is the one I am bringing (well, one for each of us!). A pillow from home is seriously a life saver, especially when spending two full nights in the hospital after birth.  For Peter, who slept on their couch thing in the mother baby wing for two nights, and for me, who gets cold easily, this was a must for comfort!
  • Phone charger & Camera

    We bought a Cannon Rebel T3i when we first started our family, and I am SO thankful! My most cherished pictures are ones from the hospital where my husband took photos as they handed me the baby.

  • Fuzzy Baby Blanket

    • They let you use the hospital swaddle blanket, which is all I wrapped my first baby in, and I was always worried he was cold.  So, perfect solution was a a fuzzy swaddle blanket like this one, which is just a mini version of my own fuzzy blanket.  I used that the whole hospital stay for my second and am bringing it again for my 3rd.
  • Baby outfit

    • An outfit for leaving, plus 2-3 onesies in case he poops out. A fuzzy onesie that covers the toes is a nice option in case you want them super warm. They keep the hospitals at a cool temp I think!

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  • A few diapers and wipes.

    • For the trip home, as they don’t supply them at the hospital for leaving, technically.  We live 5 minutes away so this for me was a non issue. You could also just leave a diaper bag with these in the car.
  • Snacks

    • I will be packing snacks! And gum. They literally only give you juice during labor, AHH! I know why… technically for the dangers of eating and then being under general anesthesia if you need emergency c-cection, but o my goodness no food for possibly 24 of the hardest hours of your life?!?!? Gotta sneak some snacks. Plus, sometimes you don’t know to order like 5 pancakes instead of 2 when room service calls for your order, so its nice to have some back up snacks in your bag 🙂
  • Nursing cover

    • Most the time I don’t use this, but it’s nice to have if people stop by that you don’t want to nurse in front of.  I’m so excited to take this stretchy infinity nursing cover gifted to me from my dear friend Abby!
  • Hair ties

    • Bring extra! Not being able to find a hair tie when you want one or are all sweaty…sad day!
  • Nipple Cream

    • I didn’t use this but some people really need it for sore chapped nipples so its a good just in case item you might not normally think of.

Last minute things to bring to the hospital:

So, to take away anxiety over forgetting something you can’t go back home to grab, make a “last minute list” and stick it on the fridge, because some of the above things you can’t really pack in advance! On mine, I have:

  1. Camera & cell charger
  2. Makeup bag
  3. Fuzzy Blanket for both of us
  4. Pillows

I’d love to hear about other things that you have loved not listed here, or taken and not used! It’s never TOO early to just put a bag together, but I’d do it at least 37 weeks or sooner.  Then, its out of your mind if baby comes early.  Take a look if you like at my list of our favorite clothes to have at home for a newborn as well!

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