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How To Stop Peeing Your Pants After Kids: The Mutu System

Beware, this is about to get personal! I don’t exactly consider myself “postpartum” anymore…my youngest is nearly 3. Even still, my bladder control got so much worse after my last pregnancy. I couldn’t sneeze, run, or go to a trampoline park without leaking. Like many moms, I thought panty liners were my long term solution. If you can’t hold in your pee after kids, aka mommy bladder, don’t lose hope! You can strengthen your pelvic floor with exercises made for postpartum women and get the confidence back you used to have.

I want you to know that this is incredibly common, that peeing when you run or sneeze is a sign of a weak pelvic floor, and that there’s a program out there that can help you regain bladder control. It’s working for me, and it can help you too.

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How I heard about the Mutu System

Recently, a friend recommended I try the Mutu System, a 12 week program to strengthen your pelvic floor. I’d never heard of it, but it worked to help her gain back bladder control after 6 kids just half way through the program. It is also well known and reviewed for helping with diastasic recti and rectal prolapse, helping many moms avoid surgery.

I was planning on waiting the full 12 weeks to write this post, but since I was able to sneeze without peeing or crossing my legs for the first time in years at the end of week 3, I decided to write this earlier.

I’ll continue to update the post through week 12. If you struggle with a leaky mommy bladder, and are at least 6 weeks postpartum, you can try this too, at your own pace!

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What is the Mutu System for moms?

The Mutu System is a gentle 12 week video program for moms full with exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. Exercises are designed to help with postpartum symptoms like leaky bladder, diastasis recti, and prolapse.

It’s low impact, so you won’t be jumping all over the place. In fact, you don’t even need a sports bra 😉 You will find lots of squats, lunges, and gentle yet intentional exercises to strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles.

Mutu is a holistic program

It’s a holistic program, so in addition to the exercise videos you’ll find advice on nutrition, posture, taking short daily walks, and more.

Mutu uses evidence based techniques that have helped over 60,000 moms overcome embarrassing symptoms without surgery or settling for a lifetime supply of pantyliners.

I’m sure there are YouTube exercises that I could have done daily to help with mommy bladder, but I knew Mutu would walk me through what to do daily. More importantly, it worked for someone I knew who was probably going to need surgery if this didn’t work.

How soon after birth can this help get my body back after baby?

As soon as your doctor gives you the okay to start exercising, (usually 6 weeks), then you can begin the Mutu System. This is a program that you can go at your own pace. It’s slow. But effective.

There’s an entire post on helping you identify if your abs are separated, and how to strengthen them slowly.

Mutu is the perfect workout safe for postpartum moms, but still beneficial to moms like me starting 3 years after birthing my last child.

You do not want to start just any type of workout postpartum. Even if it’s not Mutu, use one that is made with the problems of postpartum women in mind.

What if I’m not in shape at all?

This program is ideal for someone not in shape, who is postpartum, or both.

If you are already running or using a program like Beach Body, then this may seem way too easy, and you likely won’t be able to do Mutu PLUS another workout program due to time contraints.

I’ve done home video workouts on and off since my last birth, but did not begin the Mutu System in shape. I hadn’t been doing anything prior besides occasional walks with my kids.

What the first 3 weeks of the Mutu System did for my pelvic floor

The first two weeks almost seemed like a joke…although they are so important! No elevated heart rate and just an 11 minute daily video working on the pelvic floor.

My husband (who totally supported me buying and trying this) would poke fun at me for “doing my workout” which looked too easy to be called a workout. Literally me laying on my back squeezing a ball between my knees. Real hard, ha!

But I decided I’d trust the process. It was only 11 minutes, but it was hard to form a new habit.

By week 3, you add a 25 minute workout called “intensive core” at least 3 times per week, if possible. This is in addition to the 11 minute pelvic floor work.

It made me sweat and my legs were very sore! No upper arms, so I’m going to have to workout those another way if I don’t want sticks for arms. My goal was not to change my physical appearance with this program, but to stop peeing my pants on accident.

I was able to stop my pee midstream for the first time in years

Week 3 is where the magic happened for me.

I kept thinking “maybe” it was working…but probably not. Except for the first time in ages, I sneezed three times during week three without crossing my legs…and no pee. Even still I thought… maybe I just had an empty bladder.

Just ask my husband how excited I was after I came out shouting “I just stopped my pee midstream for the first time!!” It’s been years. He loves me guys, and acts truly happy for me when he’s probably busting up laughing inside. But something is working, and I am so motivated to keep going.

How to engage your pelvic floor muscles

I think I did the whole first week wrong, because for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to feel like when she says “engage your pelvic floor” or “lift your pelvic floor”! You’re supposed to do this on every exhale.

To save you a whole ton of frustration…that means work the muscle like your “trying to stop your pee midstream”.

K, your welcome.

How much time will this take?

The first two weeks, the Mutu system will take you 11 minutes per day, plus a short walk if you can. And they recommend NOT moving on to “the 3rd week module” (week 3) until you have done the pelvic floor video at least 6 out of 7 days of the week.

So if you’re only able to do 4 days the first week, that’s fine! Just take it slower, and stay on module 1 another few days before clicking to the second week called “module 2”. It’s not a race at all.

By week 3 you’re doing the pelvic floor 11 minute workout daily PLUS another 25 minute video 3 times a week. It’s hard to do this as a mom, but this kind of gentle exercise will help your mental health too. I feel so much happier about life when I do this.

Take daily walks when you can

The Mutu system stresses a daily walk as more important than their video if you have to choose one over the other. It’s kind of a “life habit” your adding, so to speak. If you’re afraid to start because you can’t do all the walks…start anyway.

I skipped the walks and just did the video the first week, and only did about 3 walks the second week. It was rainy, cold, and I just didn’t get out as much as I “should have”. The videos were still extremely helpful, and I made progress on my pelvic floor.

They way I see it, walks are a lifestyle thing we moms need in our lives, especially to get out with young kids. But it’s a habit that doesn’t happen overnight. So be gracious with yourself and just get out when you can.

How much does the Mutu System Cost?

The program is $147 for lifetime access.

I know, I wasn’t expecting that price either…but I decided that if Mutu worked, it would be a purchase that would help me do ordinary things like sneezing and jumping (without peeing) after babies. Did I say life changing?!

If it didn’t work, I’d have to keep buying panty liners and eat a few more bowls of ramen instead of steak. Just kidding, because they offer a 90 day 100% refund if you are unhappy with the results.

With that said, don’t buy it full price! I got mine for 15% off bringing it down to $125. When you get to the home page, and scroll as if you’re about to exit, simply follow the pop up prompts for 15% off.

Do you have to buy extra workout gear?

There are a few things I had to buy to do the exercises. Mutu has a $45 kit that they offer at a huge discount (only once and when you’re checking out) that comes with everything.

I opted not to buy that because I already owned these resistance bands, and thought I could find a ball for cheaper than buying the whole kit. ( Mine are from the dollar store…I think it’s a tad smaller than the ball in their kit by an inch or so. Buuuut….it’s doing the job and this pelvic floor is getting WAY stronger with it so there.

You can try 3 Mutu teaser videos for free

If you’r not quiet ready to spend the money on yourself, but want to see Mutu System in action, get these 3 free Mutu videos sent to your inbox. You’ll get:

  • 6 minute pelvic floor workout
  • step by step video on testing for diastasis recti
  • 10 minute high intensity workout to get you sweating and work your legs

Before and after photos

Do you want to see some Mutu mamas? Check out this page full of before and after shots of women who have completed the Mutu System. It’s pretty amazing and will help you tone up your mom bod.

I did not do a before and after shot for a few reasons. 1. I’m only about half way finished. 2. I have a very slender body type already, am 3 years “postpartum”. I am not doing Mutu for a slamming body, although my legs and butt are notably more toned.

I’m 100% in this for better bladder control. And so far, I’m thrilled it’s working! It’s just a bonus to me that my legs and abs are much stronger too.

Do you suffer from postpartum incontinence/ peeing your pants after kids?

Tell me a little bit about what you have tried or ask me any questions about this program so far. I’m just so thrilled to have found something that’s working to give my body back the bladder control I once had, and had to share that with you!

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2 thoughts on “How To Stop Peeing Your Pants After Kids: The Mutu System

  1. Hi Liz,
    I have been following your blog and you do a great job with it. Love to hear how you and your family are doing and you have had some stuff that has helped me out along the way too 🙂 Thanks for posting this. I am going to try it as I have tried some other things without success for this wonderful postpartum problem among other issues and was getting rather discouraged over my longterm outlook. Do you know if they have had any success with bladder pain as well? The exercise bands you got outside of the program….were they just therabands or something on amazon? Thanks again

    1. Hi Kara!
      Thank you! Here’s Mutu’s article to address your concern of pain, with links to more specific types of postpartum problems (basically don’t do any exercises with pain before seeing a doctor): . As for the bands, I bought mine on Amazon, I’ve linked the ones we have in the post that came with 3 bands. If you don’t have a ball, or the bands, it may be about the same price to buy the stuff from them with the one time discount they offer when you buy the program. Hope that helps and you’ll have to let me know if you get this and if it makes a difference!

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