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Big List Of Baby Shower Gifts Under $10 Plus FREE Gift Ideas

Finding baby shower gifts under $10 can be tricky when you are on a tight budget. Especially if you don’t want to just give junk. I can remember going through a season of life where I went to A LOT of baby showers, and also feeling so stressed by not having much money to buy presents. I just wanted her love my present, and to feel like I was giving her something special.

Everyone tends to buy something off the registry, but $10 doesn’t go far there. While that’s easy (and you know they picked it), often times those items may be too expensive for your budget.Baby Shower Gifts Under $10, and FREE baby shower gift ideas #babyshower #babygift #blueandhazel #baby #pregnancy


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FREE Baby shower gifts

I think it’s important to remember that if you really can’t spend more than $10, then don’t feel embarrassed to give a small baby gift. My tendency is to think more is better or that they will think I’m being cheap. I bet they will actually feel thankful you thought to get them anything.

If you are cheap, then don’t be. But if you really just have a small budget, then confidently give your gift! How they feel about it is out of your control.

Certificate for a pregnancy photoshoot or new baby session

I did this for a friend when her baby was around 6 months. Even though it was late, she was SO excited! She would have to pay someone $100 for photos, and me doing it for her was low key and fun. Expectations were low since I’m not a photographer. All she really wanted was 1 or 2 good ones.

If you are even the slightest handy with a camera, offer to come over and snap a few pics of her with her baby. Think, 20-30 of her holding her baby, rocking her baby, outside, whatever.   Yes, mama can snap her own pics, but what she will always love is pics with her IN them…holding her baby…makeup/hair done.

Another gift would be some low key maternity photos.

Offer to babysit her kids for a few hours after baby arrives

If it’s her 2nd baby or more, gift her a day you will come over and babysit while she gets out.  My friend Becca did that for me on baby number 3. She gave me 2-3 hours to go do whatever I wanted and watched my older two while I took the baby. I went and got groceries and bought some new pretty underwear at Ross. It was the best thing ever, because brakes like that are rare! Be sure to text and arrange it because she will never “remind” you of your gift, even though she’s thinking about it 24/7.

Offer to help her at home for 1-2 hours

Giving your time is a valuable present! This gift is for people you know well, as I would not find it relaxing to have someone I just met come over to help me with any house cleaning.

But, if you know her pretty well, offer to let her choose a nap while you watch the baby and other kids, or let her choose other options like:

  • Folding her laundry
  • Cleaning her kitchen
  • Dinner prep
  • Holding the baby while she takes a shower and does whatever she wants
  • Basically offering extra helping hands, not just a sit and chat session

Bring a frozen meal after baby.

Cooking a new mom a meal is technically not free, because you are paying for the food. However, you can probably find a way to spend $15 less on your family’s food budget that month to make her $15 worth of food. So that’s why I’m including it here.

Or, the present of all presents…offer to set up a meal train for her if you know people to email near her. Take Them A Meal has a great site for setting up meal planning.

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Baby Shower Gifts Under $10


I also have a fun little trick you can do to look for a huge discount on baby gifts. If you already have an Amazon account, then go sign up (for free) for both discount sites called Snagshout and Vipon. These sites offer products from baby to home to tools to clothes and more (thousands of items by category) at 50% off or better! No strings attached. No reviews required. It’s a great way to find $20+ gifts for under $10. I ALWAYS get things there like LED lightbulbs, cute baby outfits, and kid stuff. Half off!



A small pack of diapers

Because everyone knows it’s the best present.

Used baby board books

For someone I don’t know well, this is probably the only used item I would gift at a shower. You can gift about 10 books for a $10 present if you go to a thrift store like Goodwill. (I love giving used stuff as gifts but more just to close friends/family)

Hooded Baby Towel

Travel Size Baby Gift Set

I’d have loved this! It’s nice when you are traveling to have little items. Plus, minis are a great way to let someone try many products for a small price. 

Monthly Milestone Sheet

I like this one because it’s blank, which means she can add girl or boy decorations around the baby. Moms I know who have used these love them.

$10 gift certificate to Amazon

Or Starbucks, Subway, or a pizza place… she WILL use it unlike a lot of her baby shower items, hah!

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A girly gift for mom

I always gift make up to new moms, because 1) I sell it and get a discount so can give more. and 2) Everyone loves a nice chapstick set, or new mascara, or some face wash.

Travel size gift set

Go to a store that sells travel size items like Target, and make a bath basket with baby powder, baby bath wash, a cloth, and some chocolate and lip balm.

Baby Book for Baby’s First Year

I think this baby book is such a sweet gift, and if they already have one you can include a gift receipt. This one includes things like baby’s firsts, a place to write memories down each month, and a spot for footprints and photos.

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Newborn Baby Blanket

This soft fleece baby blanket. I used mine every day including at the hospital as my swaddle. This makes an excellent swaddle…or car blanket too.

Newborn socks and Pacifier

Socks and pacifiers are great filler gifts, or can be a great combo gift on their own! These ones are the most beloved pacifiers I’ve heard of from mom friend’s who used them. 

Multi-use nursing cover

I loved my arrow print nursing cover! I used it as a nursing cover, car seat cover, blanket, and it can also be a scarf or shopping cart cover! Even if she already has one, a new cute print will let her swap it up or keep an extra in the stroller.

It’s stretchy enough to fit over the car seat and keep out the sun when we are driving, or light if we are just trying to rock him to sleep in it.

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kidsnsuch multi use nursing cover arrow print, one of many cheap baby shower gifts

I wish I had this on my first go round instead of my third! The full coverage around my back and front is ideal because I NEVER worry if the baby is going to thrash around and expose me on accident.

kidsnsuch multi use nursing cover gray arrow print covering a baby car seat on the floor by a mother

Don’t break the bank

I think making a mom feel special is the goal and giving her something she will use and not just give away is also key! Hope these inexpensive ideas for baby shower gifts inspire you to give a valuable gift and stay in your budget.  It’s just sometimes you have to trade a little bit of convenience for your time. I’d love to know what other ideas you have! Drop a comment below if so!

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