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Boba vs Moby Review; Similarities and Differences

Wondering what could be so different about a Boba wrap vs Moby wrap? This Boba vs Moby review will answer your questions about length, stretch, positions for baby, and complaints of each.  At first glance, you may not know which wrap a mom is using (aside from the label), but if you held the fabric you would instantly know.  The Boba has a stretchy feel to it, where the Moby does not. That’s going to be your number one factor that differs when choosing between the two.

mother wearing her newborn baby using a Boba wrap

Newborn baby inside of a grey Boba wrap outside on a sunny day
The first couple months is my favorite stage to wear the Boba. While it’s not a long time, it really cuddles the baby in there and does not sag too much.

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Boba vs Moby Review

I used my Boba every day for about three months till my babies got a lot heavier and then I switched to my Ergo carrier which has much better back support for heavier kiddos. The wrap kept my baby scrunched right next to my chest when they were new, and I used it at church, on walks, and to the grocery store.  I had hands free and could feel my baby breathing.  It was a real peace of mind!


1. The overall look is very similar. Both should make your hands free and still able to snuggle your baby!
2. These both take practice, but once you get the hang of it most love these baby wraps!
3. Both wraps fall to the floor when putting it on. This can be so dirty in public, so its best used at home or put on before you leave in the car, and add baby once you arrive. This is one of the biggest complaints about both wraps.
4. People have reported both to be hot if it is hot outside due to baby’s heat and so much fabric.
5. Fabric takes up a lot of space in a purse (like the whole purse). Best just put on at home or before leaving, and this will avoid it touching the ground in say a parking lot (it always touches the ground when wrapping due to the length).
6. Both machine washable.

7. So much fabric to wrap! Especially for a petite person (a large person can sometimes wrap it one less time around).

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1. Moby is 100% cotton (think t-shirt material), Boba is 95% French terry cotton (so soft) and 5% spandex (very stretchy…think cotton jersey stretch fabric). The Moby has also come out with another wrap with a lighter more breathable fabric called the Evolution made from 70% viscose fibers and 30% cotton.
2. Moby is about one foot longer than the Boba. The Moby is 18 feet long, and the Boba is 5.5 yards long (about one foot shorter than the Moby).  Keep in mind that although the Boba wrap is shorter, it stretches so the end result can be near the same length.
3. Moby claims 5lb-35lb baby weight, Boba is more conservative with 7lb-35lb.
4. Boba has 2 inward only positions. Moby has inward and outward, with 4 positions.

5. Moby made in Thailand, Boba made in China.

Boba Wrap

1. Unbelievably soft, more than the Moby.

2. Some love the stretch, as you do not have to tie it looser to leave room to insert baby.

3. So comfortable to wear!

1. Must tie more tightly than the Moby to keep baby from sagging with the stretchy fabric.
2. Some dislike the stretch and feel it is not supportive enough.
3. If baby slumps down too far then your back can hurt.

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Moby Baby Wrap


1. Moby offers a petite version that has less fabric!  Must contact customer service to order.

2. Reported to be a little less hot than the Boba due to no spandex.

3. Does not sag or stretch much at all.  Baby stays tucked in tightly.

4. Moby now makes a lighter weight version that is cooler and more breathable, out of 70% viscose fibers and 30% cotton as opposed to 100% cotton.


1. If you do not leave enough room for baby, you will have to rewrap, because this does not stretch.

2. The steeper learning curve in the beginning due to no forgiveness in the fabric.

Which one is better, a Boba wrap or a Moby wrap?

It’s all about preference, which is hard to be sure of if you can only buy one.

Choose between stretch or no stretch, after reading lots of reviews. These wraps take practice using, and the first few times can be frustrating especially when you are shifting around a new little baby! It is definitely worth taking the time to watch a youtube video of someone wrapping this so you can see it in action!

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