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What’s in my diaper bag these days

There’s nothing like carrying my baby out in public and feeling something warm and sticky all over my stomach and thinking “O crap”, I should have bought those diapers one size bigger… Next stop, home to change.   Well, besides carrying size 6 diapers around for my 7-month-old, (yes, he has a huge baby bum) I also keep a few other essentials in my diaper bag. Here’s what’s in my diaper bag and how I keep it to a minimum.

What’s in my diaper bag these days

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I try to keep it pretty minimal with 3 kids.

  • One extra baby outfit for blowouts.
  • I throw in an old grocery bag or an extra ziplock for poopy clothes if needed 🙂
  • My Lifefactory Glass water bottle.  This one is even a bit small as I end up sharing it with the whole family.  But I love that it is glass and has such an amazing seal that it can fall sideways and doesn’t spill.
  • At least two diapers.  I now carry size 6 diapers only, even though the ones in the photo are size 4. I’ve recently had waaaay too many blowouts (well not me, but the baby ;-)) And since my 2.5 year old can wear size 6, it’s easier to carry all one size, that I can put on either of them if needed.
  • Wipes. I put a small amount in a ziplock to save space and weight in my bag.  All those things add up and get heavy, right?! ( Thanks, Jane my awesome sister in law for the tip!)
  • Wallet.
  • Keys.
  • A snack. We’ve recently found one too many forgotten bananas in my backpack (too gross) so I’ve got to get better about taking stuff out if I’m going to bring fresh snacks! Whoops!

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How I pack my diaper bag

Diaper bag essentials including a Onesies mix n math separates, Lifefactory glass water bottle, two diapers, wipes, and a Kashi food bar.

Laguna Tide diaper bag
The goods. All laid out. I highly recommend this backpack from Laguna Tide. I adore it! It’s got tons of pockets inside, a water bottle holder on the side, velcro closure on the front….and it comes to your door from Amazon.

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A mom wearing a backpack with a LifeFactory water bottle on the side, wearing a blue cartigan
I can’t leave without a water bottle so I keep my Lifefactory glass bottle filled and in my bag so it’s always ready.

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And that’s what’s in my diaper bag! Of course there are times I stuff it a lot fuller, especially if we are going to be gone for any longer length of time. What would you say are the things you can’t leave without?




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