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What is Snagshout/Snagshout Review

Ever wondered how people get discounted products in exchange for reviews? Well, it was from sites like Snagshout. Although reviews are longer required or even allowed anymore by Amazon, Snagshout still offers insanely cheap products from 50%-90% off in almost any category no strings attached. It works, it’s easy, and it’s not a scam. If you are asking “what is Snagshout”,  I’ll explain what it is, how it works, and how you can save your family a ton of money this year using it.  I’m hooked and anytime I’m going to buy something, I check Snagshout first.

What is Snagshout?

Snagshout is a company that began in 2015 that offers random Amazon products at huge discounts. It used to be that you had to leave an Amazon review, but Amazon recently banned that in 2017.  It was changing the credibility of their influential review system because too many people were “paid off” with cheap or free products to leave amazing reviews.

Not it has become a place where brands offer promo codes for around 50% off  in hopes you will like it and tell your friends on social media or anywhere really. (FYI,the better deals have slimmed down since Amazon laid down the hammer, and I have not longer seen any free deals since then).

Somehow Snagshout continues to offer tons of products and deals, and, somehow it is still working for companies to give these cheap products out on review sites like Snagshout and Vipon (similar website to snagshout but has even more options on average).  My guess is they are banking on users to leave reviews on social media or word of mouth, voluntarily.

And honestly it’s brilliant. Because I’m more likely to try some random brand of lightbulbs or coffee mug from Snagshout for cheap.  And since word of mouth is powerful, companies don’t ever really lose out if they can get their product into more hands, especially if they are not out any money for doing so.

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How does it work?

Once you sign up, you are allowed one “snag” (or two if you give them your phone number).  A snag is the ability to choose one deeply discounted product on their list of available ones.  You can sort by category, price discount, or popular snags, and when you find one you want to buy you press “Snag it” and they email you the promo code.

You can instantly order it on Amazon after that using the promo code! It’s that easy.

What items do they offer?

You can search by category, or by largest discount. There are so many categories, such as:

  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Auto
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Home and Garden
  • Kids &Babies
  • Toys
  • Grocery
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Pet supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Beauty & Health

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How often can you get more snags or products?

It used to be that to get a new snag they had to confirm your Amazon review.  However since that is no more, I get 4 new snags each week. It’s also important to note that that is 4 per Amazon profile.  So there is no doubling up if your family just has one Amazon account, you can’t sign up for two Snagshout accounts and get double the snags.

I recently have just snagged some organic coconut oil for $3 (normally $10 on Amazon), 2 lbs organic quinoa for $3.61 (normally $12 on Amazon), a helmet liner for biking for $1.00 (normally $10), and a pack of LED flood lights for 99 cents (normally $20 on Amazon). I noticed the deals change daily and sometimes there are free snags.

Update 2018: I rarely find deals this good since Amazon no longer offers reviews for discounted products. However the deals are still good enough that I check there before going to buy things, like a cell phone charger for instance.

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How do I start reviewing Amazon products for cheap or free?

Go to Snagshout and sign up! You just need an email and an Amazon account to start using Snagshout!  If you have Amazon Prime, most products ship free, and if a product does not there will be a little truck with the shipping amount on the product picture. I am SO excited about finding this website because of all the extremely cheap things I can try that are useful, or edible!

Is this better or worse than other discount sites like Amazon Review Club or Amazon Review Trader?

I signed up for many sites, and so far I love Snagshout the best.  Why? Because, although you can only request a couple products at a time,  you are assured to get that product.

Other sites let me request up to 30 products at a time and have more products to try, but the merchants ultimately scan Amazon profiles and decide who they give the discount codes to.  I have rarely gotten selected to review products from other sites, probably because I have not yet left tons of reviews from my Amazon account. Snagshout does not care about that which I love.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments or questions below!



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