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Things you can do when you are so so so tired as a mom

Every mom knows the feeling…exhaustion.  I feel like it goes with the job description of being a mother, and having my third baby 8 months ago has definitely added to feeling more tired.  I admit I look at moms with more kids than me and think, how in the heck do you do it?! Which is funny, because I’m sure some look at me and say the same. You learn as you go I guess! But no matter if you have 1 baby or 10, you still get tired! Here are some things you can do when you are so so so tired as a mom.

Things you can do when you are so so so tired as a mom.

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1. Go to bed.

Haha, ok, I mean when you get the chance 😉  I am a night owl naturally and it’s hard for me to just go to bed.  And, it’s my only alone time since my 3 kids are not napping at the same time yet.

But my crutch is that now I have almost no time to myself and so I tend to stay up when I can. Sometimes it’s working on the computer, sometimes it’s a movie with Peter. But truly, when exhaustion hits, I have to be disciplined to just hop in bed. No screen time, no dishes, nothin.

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2. Get ready for bed while the kids are still awake.

This is something I’m doing more lately.  I often hop in the shower while Peter plays with the kids because 1. I’ve already spent all day with them, lol. And 2. Mommy needs a break. And 3. It saves me 30 minutes later on when all I want to do is hop in bed but instead hop in the shower.

Getting ready for bed while the kids are still awake just frees me up to plop in bed when the baby actually falls asleep.

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3. Get up before the kids, even just a few minutes.

For me, this means getting up at least 5 minutes before the kids. Ok, 10, because I have my coffee then and just sit and wake up a bit…in the quiet. Then I lay out their cereal so it’s ready when they storm out of bed hungry with many many requests.   I often hear them talking or calling for me at 7 on the dot.  If I am still sleeping I open their door and tell them mom will come get them in a few minutes. Because, first coffee.

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4. It’s fine if you just need a cup of coffee.

coffee mug prescription bottle
A gift from my sister. You can get it on Amazon here.

So I know I said I usually wake up before the kids and have a little alone time, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Either way, I know I will feel more alert and less tired with my daily one cup of coffee.

Maybe I’m addicted, or maybe it’s the routine and scent of coffee that wakes me up.  Either way, no joke, if we are out of cream or coffee beans the night before one of us heads to the store because I know in the morning it’s going to SEEM like a big deal!

Not to mention the kids just know that nothing happens until mama has had her coffee.  They are so cute.  They come over and peek in my cup a bunch just to see if I’m done so we can do x, y, or z.

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5. Get a comfortable bed!

This is perhaps one of the best things we did.  I used to turn over SO much until we got a bed that was comfortable for me.  I was happy when Tomorrow Sleep decided to partner with me and send me a free bed to try! You can see how easy it was to unbox in my other post.

Tomorrow Sleep is powered by Serta Simmons, the largest bedding manufacturer in North America.  They make the best hybrid mattress! It’s actually a memory foam hybrid mattress with coils on the bottom and memory foam on top.  There are two types, a medium soft and a medium firm that comes in a box and has a 10-year warranty and 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

The bed itself is amazing.  I had no sore hips whatsoever. It has temperature regulating material too!  And, on a side note, even my dad who slept on it for two weeks solid said it was awesome.  He is looking for a new bed and said he might just buy the same one.

tomorrow sleep better sleep for new moms
tomorrow sleep better sleep for new moms

6. Stretch and move

This is hard for me.  My exercise is walking three little kids 10-15 minutes to our closest park, and then home.  But even stretching wakes me up SO much if I just don’t get out. I feel so much more awake.

It’s my goal to get back into my video workouts, starting even with just some daily squats and push-ups because of how much more alert it makes me feel.  My favorite all time video I’ve done after kids is Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones.  I really like that it’s short and that I can do one of each round instead of two when I’m out of shape.

7. Trade off who sleeps in on the weekends

If you have the luxury of a spouse or any kind of help, ask for a day to sleep in.  There were often days when both of us would be laying in bed on the weekends hoping the other would volunteer to get up first.

My life got way better when we worked out that I could sleep in on Saturdays and he could on Sundays. That way, there is at least one day a week to look forward to catching up on sleep.  This has worked really well!

8. Let go of your pride and let people help you

There is one moment in particular in my life I thought I was going to break apart from sleep deprivation.  It was when my 3rd was about one week old.  Basically, the hubs came home and asked how I was and I just started bawling from lack of sleep, clearly.

Peter only got three days off of residency, two of which were in the hospital having our baby, so he was not around. My dear mother in law drove an hour and a half just to watch my kids while I slept in an extra 5 hours the next day and I’ll never forget her love in that way!

If you don’t ask, people don’t know you need help.  I just needed someone to let me sleep that I trusted to watch my kids.

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9. Rest on the couch where you can see your kids

Pretty much gone are the days when I can “nap when the baby naps”.  Since having two kids, and now with three their naps don’t always overlap.  If I’m smart I’ll crawl into bed if there is even a chance for a 30-minute nap.

But when I cant, and if I’m so so tired, I’ll lay on the couch for a bit and keep the kids where I can see them.  They seem to understand, even at their tiny ages, that if mom is laying down watching them that I’m not going to be running around getting them things.

Gotta do what you gotta do when you are sleep deprived! Plus, when I’m sitting down I get extra snuggles from the kids which I love.

A mom kissing her baby while wrapped in a Tomorrow Sleep white comforter

10. Cook easy meals

I do love feeding my kids homemade food, but when I’m sleep deprived it just really helps to go the easy route.  Top ramen is perfect for us on days like that because the kids love it and I can always have a few stored on the shelf.

I always keep some paper plates around for days I just don’t want any dishes to clean.  Then I can rest a bit more instead of doing dishes. It’s the small things 😉

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I’m sure there are even more things I could put down on this list but that is a pretty good start.  Be sure to leave a comment what you do when you are really tired to get through it! I’d love to know.

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