One Way to Be Impulsive and Save Someone’s Life

This is a sponsored post, but the story is my own.

If there is one way to be impulsive and save someone’s life, it’s by donating blood. One donation can save up to three lives! Not too long ago I found myself in the hospital getting an emergency surgery and being watched to see if I needed a blood transfusion. I had lost over a liter of blood into my abdominal cavity, and docs were considering a blood transfusion.

My emergency surgery

About two years ago shortly after I had my second baby, I bent over and felt a shocking pain. My hubby was home from an emergency medicine rotation during intern year. We decided better safe than sorry and took both babies with us to Urgent Care.  They sent us to the emergency room, and there we were on Peter’s day off, 20th or so in line to see a doctor with our two babies in tow.

Peter told me we would be waiting for hours, but that all changed in about 20 min when I passed out. The last thing I remember  was nurses rushing over, and then I woke up in the hospital bed.

I was losing blood into my abdomen and fast, but they didn’t know it yet. Breathing hurt. Turning on the bed hurt. Even after a dose of Fentanyl I could hardly breath without pain.
They finally got a scan, and rushed me to do emergency surgery as soon as the doc saw the results.

I had an ovarian cyst burst on an artery and had lost over a liter of blood within hours. The OB/GYN surgeon saved my life, but I will never forget thinking I might die that day. And although I escaped not having a blood transfusion, it was available if things got worse.

Want to help someone and donate blood?

How can I donate blood?
You may see lots of red hearts on wrists and fingers on social media, and it’s a reminder of the huge need for people to donate blood, especially in summer when donations drop down.


How can YOU get involved? Find out at BeImpulsiveRSVP.com. #BeImpulsive

Did you know that you can donate blood every 56 days up to 6 times a year? And that 1 in 7 people hospitalized need a blood transfusion…I had no idea! You can also donate platelets which really help cancer patients and is super needed. Plasma is also in need. Plasma has proteins and nutrients which help treat burns, traumas, blood clotting disorders, organ transplants and premature babies.

Locate your local blood donation center with a simple google search. Anyone near Memphis, Tennessee check out Lifeblood!  Lifeblood has several centers nearby and you can sign up here!


How can YOU get involved? Find out at BeImpulsiveRSVP.com. #BeImpulsive.





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