How to monetize your blog using Linqia: Pros and Cons

As someone who has been blogging less than a year I have been testing new ways to monetize my blog.  Recently, I finished my first Linqia campaign and want to tell you how to monetize your blog using Linqia!  It is a fairly simple and straightforward way to make money with a small audience.

How to monetize your blog using Linqia: Pros and Cons

This post contains affiliate links.

What is Linqia?

This is a site that matches influencers/bloggers with brands and then pays you per click when you drive traffic to the brand’s landing page.  You get a product allowance to buy a specific product with as well.

Who can join?

If you have 2500 social following or unique monthly visitors to your blog and live in the U.S. or Canada you can join here.

How to sign up:

It is quick to do and I got approved within a day or so.  I had less than 1,000 monthly pageviews on my blog when I joined but I also had around 1,000 Instagram followers and a couple thousand on Twitter. You can sign up here.

Twitter can really be a great way to monetize your blog using Linqia. I see people’s Linqia links on there all the time now that I know what to look for! Check out my post How to gain Twitter Followers to get sponsored posts. I explain how I quickly gained my first few thousand Twitter followers in my niche.

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Then what?

After getting accepted I filled out a profile which let Linqia know who my audience is. Then, I connected all my social channels and google analytics with a click of a button on the dashboard of my Linqia homepage, which lets them see how many people you influence.  I got an email about a month later saying I was invited to join a campaign! Maybe it’s sooner for some small bloggers but I don’t know.

Monetize your blog using Linqia pay per click;
I use this silicone cup all the time for tea and coffee btw! It’s from

What is required in a Linqia campaign?

I had to write a short blog post promoting a car seat company (you can see my blog post for the campaign here).

Linqia assigned me with a special link to use in my blog post and on social media. That link is how they track clicks.

I had to buy one of three car seat options online or instore.  Keep in mind it was with my own money because Linqia pays out via PayPal 45 days after the campaign ends. That was a major disappointment to me as I didn’t like paying for it out of pocket. I did get paid though and on time.

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What is the pay like?

They pay around 80 cents per click plus a product stipend that is always more than the product actually costs.  In my case, I got reimbursed $225 for the car seat plus money from clicks. You must get the product to use in your blog photos.

Since this was my first campaign, they assigned me a “click goal” of 81 clicks.  They estimated this goal based on my audience size.  If I met that goal, then the “click goal” would be raised the next campaign. So more traffic/clicks is a huge advantage here, but smaller bloggers can still make money.

What happens if you get over or under the click goal?

Important note:!! You will not get paid for any clicks over the click goal.  So some bigger bloggers actually hate Linqia because they can easily overperform and not get paid extra.

I was just under my click goal, so my earning potential will not go up until I can complete another campaign and meet my click goal. I believe they average your last two campaign click totals to come up with a new “click goal”.

Twitter really helped get those clicks for me and I can show you how simple it was for me to grow a Twitter audience in my niche here. I had no prior Twitter experience and started with zero followers.

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What brands do you see on there?

I only see brands offered to me in the motherhood niche because of how I filled out my Linqia profile.  But so far I’ve seen offers for:

  • Kleenex
  • Libman cleaning supplies
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Tree Top
  • Graco baby products
  • Babybell Cheese

Pros and Cons


Overall, I was STOKED to get a free car seat! That alone made this campaign worth it to me, so clicks were actually just a bonus! I would say if the product is something you need or would buy anyway, then it is worth it just for that.

No matter what the campaign, you will get reimbursed a set amount to buy the product.  It’s always more than needed.  Like $15 product budget to buy a bag of goldfish, or $25 product budget to buy a $10 mop.

You can apply for Linqia here.

There is potential to earn a couple hundred bucks every campaign in clicks! I got offered 80 cents per click for a max of 81 clicks for my first campaign. My next offer will be similar since I underperformed by a few clicks.  But many small bloggers can way overperform and then they’ll get paid for more clicks the next time.

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Clicks were WAY more work to get than I expected. I would post to my Twitter daily during the 3-week campaign, as well as put the link in my Instagram bio and my Facebook page.

I was checking my click numbers every day for three weeks (that’s how long campaigns usually are) which just stressed me out a little. And, I didn’t love how much I had to advertise to get clicks.

I got way more pageviews than clicks so I’ll need to learn how to better convert clicks.

One reason I have skipped some recent Linqia offers is that the product was a bad fit for my audience (which happens).  Another reason is that I’m trying to be more mindful of having less sponsored posts on my blog.

Overall, Linqia is another tool to monetize your blog

I will for sure keep monetizing my blog using Linqia!  But I’ll need to outperform on clicks to get better pay.   Since I’m only getting reimbursed up to $60 at this point for promoting say Goldfish crackers, then I would only accept a campaign if I didn’t have a higher paying campaign on my calendar. Don’t get me wrong,  if you are making zero dollars on your blog, then, by all means, $60 is like AMEN! I know, I’ve been there! And that’s why this could be a really great thing for you too.

I honestly prefer pitching brands directly, but Linqia is another avenue of income for me.

If you want me to teach you how I work with brands and get FREE product, read this post! I started working with brands with just 1000 Instagram followers and a new blog!

Leave a question or a comment below and I’d love to know your thoughts on using Linqia!

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