Why benefits of a Target Red Card will save you time and money

I don’t know if I’ve met a mom who doesn’t love Target!   If you are not familiar with Target’s Red Card, it’s basically your ticket to an automatic 5% off everything and free shipping on every order! I discovered this golden nugget about three years ago and it has saved me SO much time.  I’m at a point in my life where errands are really exhausting with three small kids, and since I get FREE shipping on any size order through my Red Card, I avoid going into the store at all costs. It’s my goal to get everything I need shipped to me if it’s the same price as in store. You can see how benefits of a Target Red Card will save you time and money! If you are missing out, join me and get your Red Card here.

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What are the benefits of a Target Red Card (debit or credit)?

FREE Membership

No annual fee. This is a big deal to me as you can only save money, rather than wonder if you will save enough to make a fee worth it, such as at Costco.

Debit or Credit card option. Same perks for both.

I got Target’s Red debit card.  Target simply had me connect my checking account to it, so when I use it the funds come directly out of my bank account, but now I save 5% too.  Easy peasy.

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FREE Shipping & 5% off

To me, these are the biggest benefits of a Target Red Card!

You will receive free shipping on every order, no minimum, and always get a 5% discount on everything at Target! I have actually ordered one or two small things like tea bags and chocolate chips…with $0.00 shipping.  Awesome.

If you shop in the store, the 5% discount is in addition to any coupons or savings from their cartwheel app as well.


Better shipping policy than Amazon or Walmart 

Amazon Prime can’t even beat this.  I have to pay for Prime Pantry shipping (now$5.99 for each order) (in addition to a $99/year fee just to use Amazon Prime anyways).

Even Walmart is behind the curve here.  They only give free shipping with a  minimum purchase of $35.  Target just one upped everyone in my book!

FREE return shipping labels

Returns get FREE shipping labels too, or, you can always return it to the store.  No receipt needed because they can just look up your Red Card purchases!

Get a longer return window

As a Red Card member, I love knowing that I have 30 days more than everyone else at Target to return something.  Its the cushion I want when I’m busy and don’t quite get around to returning it in time.  This gives me 4 months instead of 3 to return.

Exclusive baby deals like 15% off!

If you buy diapers, this alone is HUGE! You can get an extra 15% off  baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and formula when you are a Red Card member and use their subscription option.  Target’s brand Up and Up baby diapers are some of the cheapest I have found per diaper even without the extra 15% off.  This is a huge savings for moms. The subscription option lets you adjust when your next auto shipment will be, and there is no fee or problem if you need to cancel a subscription.

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What do I have shipped?

Diapers, wipes, dry snacks, toiletries, deodorant, hair care, dry baking supplies, dish and laundry soap, and other random stuff that I find to be on sale or a good deal, or, just plain easier to have shipped than hunt for at the grocery store. Plus I end up spending a lot less because I’m adding a bunch of spontaneous things I found at the store.


When I order online at Target, I have to plan about 5  days ahead to get my package.  But, that’s still worth it to me to have it shipped free to my door.  Head here to get started!

Update: Now that we live in a new city, my Target orders only take 2 days to arrive. We must just be much closer to a distribution center.

I’d love to hear what your favorite benefits of a Target Red Card are if you have one, and any other stores that make your life easier by using their cards.  I’m always on the hunt to save money and shop online! Especially if FREE SHIPPING is involved!

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