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How to gain Twitter followers to get sponsored posts

I just went from 0 to 4,000 followers on Twitter the last couple months and have started working with a lot more brands because of it.  I want to show you step by step how to gain Twitter followers to get sponsored posts.  You can easily replicate it and expand your social media reach too!  So here we go…!


How to gain Twitter followers to get sponsored posts

Why grow Twitter as a blogger?

It’s my goal to use Twitter as a channel to my blog and get paid to tweet.  I have been reaching out to companies for sponsored posts now that my blog is off the ground and my Instagram just hit 2,000. You can see how I started working with brands here. 

Companies can reach out to you via Twitter.  My very first collab a swaddle company reached out to me via Twitter because I forgot to put my business email on the contact page of my blog (#blogging-blooper).

I think part of being a savvy blogger is to be able to offer companies the ability to Tweet for them when doing collabs! It’s also a great way to get a brands attention you want to work with.  Just Tweet about them to your audience and they will start to notice you, especially if it gets some retweets and likes.

For each collab I have done, I have followed the company on Twitter and other social media.  Most companies have been interested to know my total reach, and it’s nice to tell them my Twitter numbers rather than just Instagram.

Also, a lot of campaigns have a threshold of 5,000 social media reach to apply, and Twitter makes it easy to get there.  Instagram takes a lot more work and time.  Check out how I started grew my Instagram to 1,000 quickly right here.

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The basic rules

To get followers, you follow first.

Try to have at least 5 tweets about something in your niche…a blog post…anything, so that people can glance and see what kind of tweets to expect from you.

About half or more follow back it seems.

People are WAY less picky about who they follow on Twitter I’ve found than Instagram.

I follow people in my niche, as they will be more likely to click on and retweet my tweets.

Step 1

I followed my first 5,000 people.  Ya, this is a lot! But I could easily do 100-200 a day without much effort.  I would start by searching a hashtag in my niche (for me, I searched #babies and #toddlers a lot).  Then, I’d pick a person, see who followed them, and follow 100-200 of those people if they looked like moms with babies. Id never follow an account without a photo and description, to weed out robots and fake accounts.

This made it so people who followed back would be interested in my tweets about babies and toddlers. This is super important for engagement later as you want people liking and retweeting your Tweets when working with brands.

Step 2

Ignore your messages.  At first, I thought all these people were private messaging me…nope.  Tons of people send auto messages after you follow. So annoying.  Save yourself time and confusion and ignore your Twitter “inbox”.  I also do not auto message people. I just don’t like it.

Step 3

I unfollowed all accounts who didn’t follow back after a few days. I used this website  to unfollow people. It’s free and easy to use.  I literally see a list who unfollows me, sort it by who unfollowed longest ago, keep my mouse on the same part of the screen and click 500 times.  (That’s my limit of unfollows in one day).  It takes about 3 minutes to do this.

Update 11/15/2017: These unfollow sites are cracking down on how many people you can unfollow with their free services. The above-mentioned site is still the best I’ve found for free unfollow sites (at a sad 30 people per day as opposed to the 500 they allowed not long ago).  All other free sites I’ve tried only allow 10/day.  So, this will make growing a lot slower and you may want to pay for a month or two of their unfollow service to get unlimited unfollows.  I hate it when companies get lamer just to make a buck!

Don’t put any thought into it, just unfollow.  Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time.

Step 4

I went back daily and followed as many as I could till I got to 5,000.  Twitter will not let you follow more than 5,000 until you have a certain follow back ratio (I’m at 4,000 followers and they still have not let me follow more than 5,000).

Do a little every day

This is the trick I’ve found, to see constant growth.  If I tweet, I always add a photo, as it stands out and is more likely to get retweeted, meaning more people will find out about your Twitter. Companies do want to see people retweeting your content too, and it never hurts to retweet a companies tweet if you want to collab with them! Hope this helps and leave a comment if you have some tips or success with this!





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