11 things I love about my hubby this Father’s Day + IncrediBundles giveaway

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m going to brag for a minute! My hubby is amazing and here is why.  Between medical residency (10 hour work days normal), planning a move across the country, and having a new 3rd baby, he is SO busy.  Yet he is a stellar example for new dads and deserves a shout out!  Here are 11 things I love about my husband this Father’s Day + a $50 IncrediBundles giveaway for dad or baby!

Incredibundles Create a Bundle Father's Day
These guys adore their daddy and rightfully so. He loves to play with them and be with them.

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

What makes Peter an amazing dad this Father’s Day:

  • He never criticizes. Ok, we learned this is paramount in marriage counseling, but truly, it’s number 1 on my list for a reason 😉 All the guilt I carry for not having food ready (often after baby was born), or a messy house, or ragamuffin kids that need their hair brushed and much more…he doesn’t say anything he isn’t willing to fix himself.


  • He holds and cuddles the baby. Dads this earns mega bonus points! When my hands are full all day, it’s a total treat to have a break.  He does not do it all the time, but will if I ask, which is important. And, he’s not afraid to try a front pack if we are out walking.


  • He changes diapers,(yes sometimes I have to ask), but he always does if I ask. I’m used to changing them since I’m home all day, but anything that gives me a break is a 5 star dad and husband quality! And if it’s a poopy even better.  Sometimes we do rock paper scissors for those ones…


  • He sent me out to go get some new clothes.  We are not exactly rolling in the dough on a resident salary with three kids, but I think it was gracious of him to pretty much force me to go get some clothes that fit (since all mine fit into one box)! I have a hard time spending money on myself and he knows that, so he just gave me an amount that I “had” to spend, guilt free. Most fun 3 hours I’ve had in a while 😉


  • He waits. And doesn’t guilt trip.  I try to plan extra time to get out of the house with a new baby, like a LOT of extra time.  He understands that a mom has WAY more responsibilites with a new baby than dad, especially since I’m the milk machine.  Nice dad’s wait patiently, and they speed things up by helping the other kids get ready.


  • He brings home take out food food.  He knows how crazy hungry this nursing mom can get and brings home food for me so I don’t have to cook everything.  Thats the way to my heart I guess.


  • He zips to the store for me a lot for groceries so I don’t have to go with our newborn or all 3 kids.


  • If it’s a long night for me with the baby, (and I’m the one nursing so we can’t exactly trade responsibilities here), he’ll wake up and rub my back or tell me I’m a good mom.  This means so much! It’s easy to feel alone in this and sleep deprived in the middle of the night.


  • He takes photos for me.  Ok all mamas want to be in some photos with their babies, not just behind the camera.  Big bonus points for dad’s who snap some pics. Even if mama handed them the camera 😉


  • He tells me I look good.  With a different body post baby mixed with crazy hormones and less “me time”, it’s easy to feel frustrated about body image and looking tired. But guys, it will only go well for you to be reassuring…always.


  • He’s manly enough to carry the diaper bag.  Thanks to IncrediBundles, he gets to carry this masculine diaper bag made for dads! I was SO happy he loved it, especially since he is very picky about things like bags.  Now he can carry a bag made just for him. It has 13 compartments and my favorite… an  awesome spot for wipes to come out! (O how handy this is in the car when I’m looking for wipes) He can also be totally hands free, so that I can load him up with other stuff to carry 😉 I have a feeling he will be using this more often than just a diaper bag…

The IncrediBundles company:

If you have never heard of IncrediBundles, they sell gift bundles for babies to make gifting easy with practical and classic baby items.  You can send someone a book bundle, a bath bundle, a sleep bundle, create your own bundle, even diapers for months or a years worth! They do all the work for you, wrap it, and send it making gifting so easy. Their bundles arrive looking like a perfect present with a bow on the box and gift wrap on top of the items.


  • You can "create a bundle" with any items you like, so we got the Daddy backpack, farm puppets, and the famous Sophie chew toy.
    You can “create a bundle” with any items you like, so we got the Daddy backpack, farm puppets, and the famous Sophie chew toy. My kids are NUTS about these puppets! Once they put them on their hands they start talking as if they are animal. Love it!


I have never seen a diaper bag that has wipes this accessible! Winning. Just pull the velcro flap down and wa-la. Fits pretty much any brand of wipes package.


Incredibundle daddy backpack create a bundle
I was so happy that he liked the look of this bag! He’s pretty tall too and this fit great, with comfy pads for the straps.


Incredibundles Gift Packaging
They were SO careful to make sure the package arrived undamaged. Three boxes stacked with bubble wrap too. Wow! Maybe overkill on the boxes, but it will definitely arrive safely.


Incredibundles create a bundle
This signature reusable box came wrapped beautifully and even had a bow on the lid. Not to mention the ABC box was in a cardboard box, in another cardboard box. I think they want the contents to arrive safely 😉


This bag from Incredibundles had an incredible amount of zippers and pockets! So many I may forget which pocket I put things in. However, it allows for some serious organization, with places for bottles, diapers, wipes, wallet, everything.
This bag had an incredible amount of zippers and pockets! So many I may forget which pocket I put things in. However, it allows for some serious organization, with places for bottles, diapers, wipes, wallet, everything.


Gotta admit, I’m still pretty in awe of a backpack that has it’s own opening for wipes. So genius! Any dad would  love to wear this backpack I think!


Incredibundles board book bundle
O she loved her stuffed bunny and board book! Inseparable.


Incredibundles board book bundle
We also got this great classic board book with matching bunny. We hadn’t read this book before but I can see why it is a classic, and perfect for my two year old who rips pages but not board books. She loves the story and even more so the bunny to go with it. IncrediBundles have so many great sets like this.


I’ve teamed up with Increadibundles to offer you a chance to win $50 on their site! Spend it on gifts, diapers, or toward this awesome Daddy diaper bag. Open to US residents only. Head to my Instagram page to enter and don’t forget to check out IncrediBundles website if you need a baby gift or that daddy backpack for a last minute Father’s Day present!







10 thoughts on “11 things I love about my hubby this Father’s Day + IncrediBundles giveaway

  1. He sounds amazing and a lot like my husband! I love that it’s becoming more commonplace for men to be more present with the kids and house stuff and not all based on a gendered division of labor. I am home with the kids (working) and my husband works a physically demanding job all day, but he knows that when he comes in the door it’s time to be dad and partner, even if he’s tired.

    1. Catie,
      Thats so cool you can be around during the day even if working! We all know there is that point of the night that we are just “done and ready to get them to bed” so help is just so awesome. When my hubby is working nights on occasion I have to start “bedtime” like 45 min early just to get jammies and teeth brushed! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Andrea thanks for entering! You were not the winner but hope you will enter the next one. One of these days you will be! Also, yes, he was such a sweetie to model for me…true sign of support for my blog, lol!

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